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Surfers raise 140k in the OzForex SurfAid Cup

Surfers raise 140k in the OzForex SurfAid Cup
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Humanitarian Updates 

All-star cast of surfers shake their money makers for a good cause 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 31 October, 2014 - Sixteen corporate teams have raised $140,000 in the OzForex SurfAid Cup, which is being held today at South Curl Curl, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Team Aquabumps has won the fundraising trophy by raising $23,000 and they picked number one seed Owen Wright as their pro to join their tag-team.

Aquabumps team captain, Eugene Tan, said he and his fellow team members Paul Borrud, Tyson Millar and Matt Griggs were stoked to be a part of the OzForex SurfAid Cup.

“It's our big fundraiser for the year so we put a lot into it and we are proud to have raised $23,000 for such a worthy cause,” Tan said. “We want to help the people of the Mentawai Islands, where we all travel each year. Now we just have to surf well and win. We have all been training all year long for this big comp - it's on!”

The Heavyweights, comprising corporate surfers from Citi and Westpac, came second in the fundraising, with $14,000, while Perpetual were third with $12,500.

SurfAid Australia board member Charlie Lanchester, who is surfing on Team Perpetual, said it was exciting to be again involved in the OzForex SurfAid Cup. 

“This event is now an absolute favourite fixture in the calendar of any ‘surfing suit’ like myself,” Lanchester said. “The combination of raising money for this wonderful organisation, as well as competing in a real live surf contest, is a winning formula. After the success of last year's event we will now also run the Fitness Challenge alongside the main event.”

Lanchester said he would like to thank the past and present surfing pros and celebrities who turn up on the day to give their support.

“It is incredible to surf with or compete against these guys. Thanks also to all the family, friends and colleagues who have helped us to raise nearly $320,000 in two years. This is a very significant amount that will be spent wisely by SurfAid to help people in the remote communities of Indonesia who are much less fortunate than ourselves.”

Besides Owen Wright, who is currently rated #12 on the ASP World Championship Tour, the pro surfers and legends competing today include ASP world champions Tom Carroll and Barton Lynch, Rob Bain, Matt Hoy, Richie Lovett, Toby Martin, Matt Bemrose, former top NRL footballer Mark Gasnier, Channel 7's Denham Hitchcock, lifeguard Ryan 'Whippet' Clark, Luke Stedman, Jordy Lawler, Ben Hamilton, Dayyan Neve and Beau Mitchell.

Barton Lynch, the 1988 ASP world champion, said he was just happy to get in the water and surf. “I haven’t been doing much of it lately with life the way it is, so any chance to get in the water and do some good at the same time I will take it,” he said.

Other companies competing today include OzForex, BlackRock, Boston Consulting Group, Bennelong Boardriders, NRMAtes, Allan Hall, Ikon Communications, ToyBell, The Paddlers, Surfing Lawyers (the defending champions), Team Nosecraft, DucknDivers and Chrofi.

You can still donate to the teams here »

The OzForex SurfAid Cup is running from 9am – 4.30pm at South Curl Curl Beach, Sydney, today - Friday 31 October (entry is free for spectators).


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