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Surfersvillage Facebook Live X Maud Le Car



Facebook Live

Talented surfeuse to test three popular Mayhem Surfboards

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 August, 2016 - On Wednesday August 10th Surfersvillage will take their popular surfboard review format to an all new format broadcasting LIVE from the beaches of Southwest France with Maud Le Car.


What exactly is the Surfersvillage X Maud Le Car Live boardtest? Think of it as a live version of Shred Show and the Surfersvillage Interview but with surfing.

Surfersvillage design editor Bryan Dickerson and WSL QS surfer Maud Le Car will explore the technical aspects of three Matt Biolos/Lost Surfboards models: the V2, the Pocket Rocket and the SubDriver, discussing template, rocker, bottom contour, tail design and more.

"Maud's surfing is very fast and snappy and she's got a great game in smaller surf," says shaper Matt Biolos of Lost Surfboards. "She's also a very creative and a talented artist. We like working with her and her great attitude."

Following the technical breakdown on why these boards work the way they do, Maud will test out the boards in the world famous beachbreaks of Southwest France.

The event starts Wednesday August 10th at 4pm local time in France (3pm London time; 10am New York time) with a LIVE broadcast from the beaches of Southwest France.

Viewers will also be able to post design questions LIVE to Facebook and get expert feedback. Ask Maud your questions about design, art, tour life and more...

Watch LIVE Here

What is Facebook Live? It’s a throwback to the days of live TV before video tape when anything and everything could happen and be broadcast immediately to viewers. The Surfersvillage Facebook Live event will be totally unscripted, totally unexpected and totally live.

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