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Surfing for Life Foundation names recipients

Blue Surfing for Life wristbands at the Surfer Poll Awards © Carlos Mozo

Humanitarian Updates

Surfing for Life Foundation Announces 4Q Recipients

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 3 January, 2013 : - - Santa Barbara -- Tom Brown, Executive Director of the Surfing for Life Foundation, announced the recipients of their 4th quarter distribution for 2012. 'Our mission has been to promote the pro-active fight against cancer,' stated Brown. 'Everyone has been touched by cancer. Many have shared a story with me about a spouse, child, parent, or close friend fighting the disease,' recalled Brown.  

As the first year of operation comes to a close the Surfing for Life Foundation was successful in raising $7,818.00 towards their mission.  The foundation has distributed checks to 11 organizations that offer services to people affected by every type of cancer.  “One hundred percent of every dollar raised has gone directly to support those organization’s programs and services,” enthused Brown 

Support for the Surfing for Life Foundation has continued to expand throughout its first year of operations.  Wristbands are now available in 145 surf shops.  Positive response continues to grow with over 100 online donors in 16 countries, and more than 4,500 wristbands in circulation now delivering the pro-active message. 

“Everyone wearing a wristband is a “volunteer fighting cancer,” states Brown.  The Surfing for Life Foundation would like to thank the new shops in the San Diego area for joining our cause:  Asylum Surf, Real Surf Shop, Hansen’s, Encinitas Surf Shop and in Central California the Orange Cat Café, Last Wave Originals and Forever Stoked.

Brown is pleased to announce the following distributions for the 4th quarter ending December 31st. Each of these organizations has received a donation made possible by individuals, surfers and surf shops supporting the Surfing for Life Foundation cause:

Hearst Cancer Resource Center/Angel of Hope
Boarding For Breast Cancer (B4BC)
Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation
Sansum Oncology Clinic
First Descents

“To every one of you who is making a difference, who is daily delivering the message of checkups, nutrition, well-being and love:  to all of you a heartfelt thanks,” concludes Brown.  “Without you, Surfing for Life Foundation could not have accomplished what we did.  I pledge to make 2013 an even bigger year for spreading awareness about cancer ONE WRISTBAND AT A TIME…”

For more information regarding the Surfing for Life Foundation and how you can help, contact Tom Brown at surfjunky @

Source: Surfing For Life
Author: Tom Brown
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