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Surfing Victoria will nominate its ten best surfers tonight


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Victoria's Tony Ray, Wayne Lynch Head The List

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 1 December, 2006 : - - Tony Ray is one of the finest surfers this state has ever seen. Possibly the best. If he isn't, only Wayne Lynch, the reclusive west coast wunderkind of the late '60s and '70s, could eclipse him for the honour; a comparison that will be made tonight when Surfing Victoria nominates it's 10 best surfers of the modern era, a period which began when a group of American lifesavers paddled out at Torquay Point on crazy new balsa boards 50 years ago.

For Ray Hawaii, appealed enormously and he built an enviable reputation there that had little to do with contest results. As an understated, soulful character — traits that sadly served to sell his achievements a little short during his competitive zenith 15 years ago when sponsors preferred brash surf personas to sell their fluoro-coloured wares — the islands were for a long time his second home.

He enjoyed and respected not only the waves of Hawaii but its rich indigenous culture and found acceptance there in and out of the water. Until last year Ray spent months at a time in the islands for 22 consecutive years. This affinity, coupled with a panache in gigantic surf that was certainly encouraged much earlier in his life by regularly surfing Bells Beach and, later, the amazing Shipwreck Coast of southern Victoria, sustained his co-emptive career still.

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