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Swap & Surf seek to change surf travel

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Swap & Surf launch video, crowdfunding campaign

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 16 June, 2014 - Swap and Surf are launching a crowd-funding campaign in an effort to widen the variety of activities they cater to. The goal is to create new platforms that incorporate skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking and more.

The idea of Swap&surf was materialized slowly after a super positive experience of a house swap with a family of surfers in Jersey. That's when the idea of this site came up with the goal of helping surfers from around the world get in touch with each other.

Swap&surf want to make your dream surf trip within reach and more affordable, by giving you the opportunity to swap houses or host one another, within a community of surfers that shares similar traveling and surfing tastes and ideals.



Read below the Frenglish statement from the crew at Swap and Surf.

Swap and Surf want to widen the variety of activities by creating new platforms similar to swap and surf. S&S founders are surfers but also skiers, mountaineers, an travel to quench our thirst to thrive in our passions. Whenever we can, we ride our mountain bikes, a skateboard and hit the slopes with our telemarks, descend a canyon or ascend a mountain. We thrive to share with other communities what we have brought up with S&s and create bridges between them.

With this idea, a passionate of sailing will be able to connect with other navigators, but with mountaineers as well. Living in the southwest of France, the founders of S&s have always criss-crossed through these different communities, and they aspire to bring the same possibilities to you with a project that will, thanks to your help, reach a different dimension.

Sylvain Garms

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