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Sylder Cup Finless competition returns to Cornwall

Sylder Cup Finless competition returns to Cornwall



The Sylder Cup Finless Surf Compettion

Cornwall, England
29 November, 2014

Surf mats, body surfing, bellyboard & handplane make up the four categories 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 5 November, 2014 -Approaching Lines announces that Saturday 29th November, will see the annual Slyder Cup presented by Reef return to Cornwall for its second edition! Celebrating the art of wavesliding from a ‘finless’ perspective Slyder Cup 2.0 brings together bodysurf and bellyboard brethren, paipo people, surf matters and alaia riders for a one-day surf competition and frigid friction affliction convention where the emphasis is on good vibes, good rides and good times!

"We are delighted to be working with our friends at Reef once again on The Slyder Cup,” says Approaching Lines Director Chris Nelson. “Reef supports some of the most exciting creatives in the surfing world, like filmmakers Cyrus Sutton and Kepa Acero as well as icons like Rob Machado and WCT chargers like Mick Fanning. It’s great to work with a brand who are so embedded within the whole lifestyle and embrace the freethinking spirit of surf culture.”

The convention is broken into 4 classes: body surf / handplane; paipo / bellyboard; surf mat and alaia with a winner in each. The Grand Final will see the winners go head to head and the Slyder Cup Champion 2014 determined. In this event it not about how hard you can shred the gnar, it’s about the style of your glide and your skill on your slyde.
And then there's the ‘Run What You Brung’ expression session where anything goes and the only limit on what you can ride is in the parameters of your skill and imagination...
Part competition, part social gathering shapers and makers from across the fins-free spectrum are invited to showcase their wavesliding vehicles. 

Demelza Taylor

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