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Taj Burrow injured while surfing at epic North Point WA

One of Saturdays small ones : photo courtesy

Taj Burrows injured at home on Sunday

So the rumours start at how epic North Point was on Sunday. Yes it was epic, but so were the crowds that went with it.

Saturdays large swell at North Point not only claimed boards that were being snapped like toothpicks, but also bodies.

North Point is a wave that demands respect at the best of times, but when you have it producing tubes that you could drive your brand new VW beetle through, it commands reverence.

The local crew know how to thread their way through North Points tubing caverns and on Saturday a group of well respected locals charged it like there was no tomorrow.

Amoung the crew with big conjoonies were Brett Hardy who disappeared into three tube rides on the one wave, local plumber Rohan Annersly handled some bigger pipes than he would while working hooking into a couple of liquid pipes, Paul "Antman" Paterson who used a 7´ 3" to propel him into the monsters that were on offer, Gene Hardy who found some shade in the lips after sneaking off for a quicky while working and Taj Burrow whose last wave saw him disappear into the abyss and lip of one of the biggest and gnarliest waves of the day and one that made him pay for his un-relentless attack on North Points unsuspecting walls.

Burrow made his way into the beach dazed and bewildered at what had happened, being bounced off the reef head first is no laughing matter and when it costs you a trip to the hospital and 16 stitches in the top of your scone you know it’s no laughing matter.

“He received 12 or 16 stitches in the top of his head and pulled a neck muscle after losing control on a big one that pitched him in the lip head first straight into the reef “said Burrows coach Mitch Thorson.

Burrow was taken to Margaret River Hospital by head ASP world tour judge and well respected local charger Perry Hatchett and later by his Mum to Busselton district hospital for x-rays on his head, where no doubt every young nurse would have been queing up to see if they could help.

While all this was happening Vance (his Dad who also rips in the water and on his guitar) was filming North Point from over at South Point looking into the tube.

"I saw Taj drop into a big one and pull in deep inside, it looked like he was going to come out, but he didn´t. The next thing I see him up at his car getting changed so I thought he might have had enough for one day" said Vance Burrow, "I drove around to the North Point car park and Yadin Nicol told me that Perry had taken him to Hospital" he added.

He was lucky not to receive any spinal damage from such an impact and It won´t be long before we see him back in the limelight, but in better circumstances. Burrows will be OK to compete in the Quiksilver Pro in Fiji.

Report courtesy; Marz -

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