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Taj Burrow signs on with Modom accessories

Taj Burrow © Modom/Xavier Davies



Team Updates

Taj to launch signature traction in November

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 16 July, 2014 - Modom has announced that Taj Burrow will join the Modom surf team along with Craig Anderson, Jack Freestone, Kalani David, Alana Blanchard, Mark Mathews and Noah Beschen. Taj will also launch his signature line of traction in November 2014.

“I’m so stoked to be riding for Modom,” says Taj Burrow. “They’re even bigger hardware geeks than I am! I fit right in. I like my leggies to be perfect and I’m really fussy with boardbags as well, which you have to be when you lug them around the world as much as I do. But it’s my tailpads I really get excited about. I love getting my tailpads right and I love the feel of them under your feet when you do.”

“It’s so awesome to have Taj riding with the team,” says Modom’s Jack Perry. “He’s our guy going for the world-title, but it’s also like having another designer working with us. He’s so much more than just a team rider, he’s this chronic perfectionist who works with us to make everything as finely tuned as possible. Having him riding for us adds so much energy and good vibes to the place. No one loves surfing more than Taj.”



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