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Ten-year-old boy mauled by baby bull shark in Cocoa Beach

Bull shark © Flickr Commons



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Young bull shark bites boy in waist-high water

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 8 June, 2015 - Cocoa Beach, Florida - A ten-year-old boy is recovering from severe injuries, following an attack from a young bull shark in shallow waters of Cocoa Beach, Florida. 

The boy was swimming in shallow water with his mother. A young bull shark attacked him, taking hold of his right calf. 

Brevard Ocean Rescue Assistant Chief, Eisen Witcher, told CNN "Our lifeguard spotted the victim in the water when he saw he seemed to be in distress. He ran out there, saw that he had been bit, carried him out of the water and immediately performed emergency aid"

Bull sharks are notoriously aggeressive, known to attack swimmers, surfers, and beach goers in even the shallowest of waters, even i intracoastal waterways and brackish waters. Many consider the bull shark to be more of a threat to humans than a great white. And there's a lot of bull sharks in Florida. 

The ten-year-old was helicoptereed out of the area to an Orlando hospital. The attack comes shortly after a teenage girl was attacked in the same area.



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