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Texas Surf Museum re-opens its doors as a non-profit

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Texas Surf Museum makes major changes

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 16 May, 2014 - The Texas Surf Museum is the only museum of its kind, and now it's about to make a major change. Texas isn't just the land of the cowboys and cowgirls, it's also home to thousands of surfers who are dedicated to their sport, especially here in Corpus Christi.

"It is like a stress relief,"said surfer Holly Thomas. "Just something that calms me down, and let's me have a fun time." For Thomas, surfing is more than just a sport, it's a family tradition.

"My dad kind of grew up in the surf-70's scene, when Pat McGee's and everything was kind of big," she said. "So, it just kind of trickled through."

She's been working with the Texas Surf Museum on it's change from privately owned to non-profit. The museum's executive director Nicole Mora said making the switch will open so many doors for both community outreach and national recognition.

"What the future is going to bring for the museum and how we're going to be able to affect the community in a positive way is very exciting," said Mora. "Just seeing the museum from where I started a year ago, and where it's going to be a year from now."

Once non-profit, the museum will be able to host exhibits from surf museums around the nation. Right now, they're collection is from donations.

"They donate their surfboards, pictures, memorabilia, their old surf-team jackets," said Mora.

Fresh exhibits won't be the only way the museum will be able to educate the public, either. Once they go non-profit, they can have programs for kids in the community. They'll also be able to sponsor teams at surfing events.

Thomas said like her dad did with her, this is a way for the museum to pass on the Texas surfing tradition.

"Of course it's a museum, so history is the most important part," she said. "But we need to grow, as the community does. "The non-profit museum will continue to be, like the waves, free to the public.

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