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Theories abound on Oak Island shark attacks

Kiersten Yow receiving care after being attacked off North Carolina © AP





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Shark attack experts divided over Oak Island attacks

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 June, 2015 - Oak Island, North Carolina - Following two shark attacks within 90-minutes off Oak Island, North Carolina, shark atack experts are divided over whether the victims were attacked by two different sharks, or one particularly malevolent lone wolf. 

Since the attacks on Sunday, helicopter and beach patrols have been ramped up, looking for anything out of the ordinary. But those ended Wednesday. No unusual sightings were reported. 

Kiersten Yow, 12, from Archdale, North Carolina, and Hunter Treschel, 16, of Colorado Springs, Colorodo, were both viciously attacked at the same beach off Oak Island, a 9-mile island near Wilmington

The attacks come after a 13-year-old girl was bitten just three days earlier, by what is presumed to have been a shark, just west, off Ocean Isle Beach.

Florida Museum of Natural History's George Burgess believes the two attacks, happening so close in time to one another, and so close to one another, is indicitive of a single shark's responsibility.

However, Frank Schwartz, one of the state's most respected experts in the field of shark behavior, says that though it would make the events a rarity, most likely the attacks came from different sharks. The two sharks could simply have been feeding on the same bait, and the two children were just unfortunately in their way. 

Since the attacks, other sharks have been spotted, including Tiger sharks. 



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