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Titans of Mavericks retains contest permit for next season



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Titans event on for 2015, WSL withdraws application

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 28 May, 2015 - Half Moon Bay, California - Yesterday The San Mateo County Harbor District Commissioners' agenda included confirming Maverick's Invitational / Cartel Management's possession of a three-year contest permit for Northern California's iconic big wave spot, Maverick's. 

According to the Half Moon Bay Review, The new business item was added to the agenda at the last minute, according to Sabrina Brennan, the Harbor Board’s president. “I’m not prepared for this,” she said. “I’m not not in support, but I just need more time to gather my thoughts.”

New Interim General Manager Glenn Lazof moved the item from a June agenda in response to a letter from Marc Hurd, attorney for Cartel, and Mavericks Invitational, the organization that previously held the contest. Hurd’s letter requested clarification and formal confirmation that his clients controlled the 2015-2016 permit for their planned “Titans of Mavericks” event.

“Cartel didn’t buy Mavericks Invitational,” Hurd said at the meeting. “They made an agreement to work collaboratively.”

That argument was crucial since it would seem to suggest the Harbor District must honor its June 5, 2013, decision to grant the permit to Mavericks Invitational for three seasons. Uncertainty around the permit’s availability first began to arise when a competing organization, World Surf League, submitted an application on April 24. But once the Harbor District circulated knowledge that it would approve Cartel’s and Mavericks Invitational’s permit for the coming season, the WSL withdrew its application, according to an email sent to the Review by Executive Vice President Graham Stapelberg...

Surfer Ken “Skindog” Collins said he was impartial as a competitor in both the Titans and WSL events.

“Our concerns should be addressed,” he said, speaking for the surfers who risk their lives to compete in the giant surf.

He continued to explain that the Titans organizers would be best suited to host the event, while the WSL has yet to prove to him that it’s capable, based on how it has managed the BWT this year...

Cassandra Clark, spokeswoman for Mavericks Invitational, also spoke at the meeting to clarify that her organization has continued to work in sync with Cartel to produce Titans. She also tried to dissuade the Harbor Board from moving to a request for proposal format for future permits by saying that the Harbor District is not in the event business.

“We own the event and brand,” she said. “We own the Super Bowl of surfing. We are committed to this community.”

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