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Tom Ruiz joins Salty Crew as Partner and Sales Director



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Former Volcom and Depactus executive

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 16 November, 2015 - Tom Ruiz is joining Salty Crew as a Partner and Sales Director. Tom will join Salty Crew in creating and delivering a unique and authentic brand experience for both retailers and consumers.  

Before joining Salty Crew Tom spent 16 years as EVP of Sales for Volcom and most recently two years as VP of Sales at Depactus. Tom is a veteran in the surf, skate and snow industries. Tom has built solid relationships with key retailers, has a deep understanding of company operations, the industry and its audience. 

“I’m so stoked to join Salty Crew as a partner and in the newly formed role of Sales Director," said Tom. "I’ve known the Salty Crew team for a very long time and have a deep appreciation for their work ethics, integrity, and authenticity as a brand and for their lifestyle. Salty Crew is true to their roots. They truly live the surfing, fishing and ocean adventure life style. All things that fall right into my wheelhouse”.

“The brand’s name says it all. The authenticity and passion of the Salty Crew team of individuals will enable the brand to appeal to expanded audience. Salty Crew is delivering a unique experience into the specialty surf retailer and is driving a new customer into their doors.

The experience I’ve gained in the industry over the years will allow me to contribute to the greater success of an already flourishing young brand. I look forward to working alongside the team building great product, strengthening operations and building on our core specialty business.”

Jared Lane Co founder and partner of Salty Crew said: "We are thrilled to be working with Tom. It’s a perfect fit for us to have someone with the unique resume and experience that Tom has.  It will be great to apply Tom’s wisdom to a young, growing brand and apply structure and planning to the business. We are family run and operated and we are excited that the family is growing. The brands sell through and acceptance into the market place has been amazing, so we are excited to bring one of the most qualified Sales directors on board to make sure that our accounts are getting the support they need from Salty Crew. We welcome Tom as a partner with open arms."

CJ Hobgood partner of Salty Crew: "The Dream from day one has always been to encourage our industry to get back to the beach and protect the Salt. I'm seeing that with my own eyes everyday and it's super exciting. Tom will be a huge asset in helping Salty Crew grow and ultimately allow us to continue to give back. My purpose after surfing is to do everything possible to help Salty Crew succeed so the same things I've been given, Salty Crew can give to the next generation. Salvaging A Lifestyle for Tomorrow's Youth. SALTY. We welcome Tom to the Salty Crew family."


CJ Hobgood

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