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Tomo Surfboards launches Vader design in USA

Tomo Surfboards is releasing the Vader design
Tomo Surfboards "Vader"




Industry Updates 

The Vader model is available in Australia and coming to the US 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 October, 2014 - Considered by many to be one of the most creative surfboard companies today, Tomo Surfboards is releasing the Vader design in the USA next week and the model is now available in Australia, with a global launch in early Spring 2015.

Designed by Tomo Surfboards founder and designer Daniel ‘Tomo’ Thomson, the Vader represents the first Tomo-only branded model that will be available through surf retailers around the world, and additional releases are planned for 2015.

Dan ‘TOMO’ Thomson explains his design philosophy, “surfing inspires all of us on a much deeper level than just a sport. The Ocean is our daily communion with the purity of its natural elements. With that in mind, my goal with surfboard design is to allow us to express ourselves freely, harmonizing design to maximize the waves energy”.

Dan continues,” TOMO Surfboards blend the well-established principles of Fluid Dynamics with a design ethos that reduces the modern surfboard down to its purist essential elements. The result is a free-flowing sensation of speed, intuitive maneuverability, and a natural inclination towards a more ‘creative’ approach to surfing”.

“The goal is to create a higher level of performance readily available to every surfer with an open mind, and willing to unlock their own performance potential”.

Previous designs such as the Vanguard and V-4, which are built and distributed by Firewire, were colab projects with both Tomo and Firewire logos.

2-Year Partnership
“Firewire and Tomo have already enjoyed a successful 2-year partnership”, explained Firewire CEO Mark Price,” Co-lab models will continue to be introduced, but the long-term goal was always to develop Tomo into a stand-alone brand in its own right, allowing Dan’s full creative potential to flourish, while leveraging Firewire’s vertical platform to bring the designs to market around the world”.


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