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Meet the UK's premier female shaper, Ellie Miller

Female shaper Ellie Miller
Ellie Miller



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Miller one of a few women who make a living at shaping 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 September, 2014 - A surfing obsessive has turned her passion into a career by becoming one of the world’s only female surfboard shapers. Ellie Miller, who lives moments away from her favourite wave in Saunton, makes bespoke boards in a woodland shed she borrows from a friend in exchange for the occasional free board.

“I’m just stoked people like my designs,” she said. “Being a woman has never been a problem even though it’s still a massively male-dominated sport.”

From buying the foam “blank”, to applying a colourful finish, Ellie’s boards are 100% her creations and business is going so well she is considering giving up her other source of income – a touring catering business. “To make it more affordable I thought I’d try shaping a board myself,” she said.

“People were impressed by how good it was for a first try and I got a couple of requests to shape boards for local surfers.”

Word of mouth in the Croyde area’s surfing community spread and she is now inundated with orders. Ellie believes there are no other women shapers in the UK and just a few worldwide.

She said: “Women have always been a small minority in the surfing world.”

But the sport is changing, according to Ellie, with an increasing number of women taking to the water.

“I thought I’d get some stick but everyone’s been really supportive,” she said. “In fact, almost all of my customers are men.”



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