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Update: Kiama local loses most of thigh in yesterday's attack

Brett Connellan © WSL



Shark Updates

Brett Connellan came very close to dying in attack

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 31 March, 2016 - Brett Connellan has been identified as the victim of yesterday’s shark attack at Bombo Beach in Kiama on the New South Wales coast.

Initial reports confirmed the attack severely injured 22-year-old Connellan who was airlifted to a local hospital. New information portrays in stunning detail what happened on the beach moments after he was attacked.

Surfing buddy and good friend Joel Trist paddled Connellan the 300 feet or so to shore. "I said 'Quick, jump on my board' and I grabbed him and got him on my board," Mr Trist told the Sydney Morning Herald. "We got stuck for a moment, and then a wave ended up washing us in, so we were quite lucky."

Once on shore, according to Tenplay, two off-duty nurses used Brett’s leash as a tourniquet to stop the severe bleeding, an action that ultimatley saved his life.

“The ladies that rendered that first aid were obviously critical in that initial response,” Lake Illawarra Police Station Inspector Paul Allman, told Tenplay.

In those agonizing moments while Connellan waited for the emergency services he remained conscious, telling those on hand "It's not good."

“[The shark bite has] taken out the whole thigh area of the left-hand side of his leg,” District Inspector Terry Morrow added. “That incorporates the artery that runs into the leg, and the quadriceps muscle on his thigh, right down to the bone. He was in a significant amount of pain.”

Connellan remains in serious but stable condition.

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