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US Blanks partners with Tom Parrish & Charlie Smith

Tom Parrish & Charlie Smith © US Blanks



Board Design

Partnership to Introduce the 7’4” SP Surfboard Blank

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 11 June, 2014 - US Blanks would like to announce the release of the 7’4” SP blank, made possible through a partnership with revered Hawaiian surfboard shapers Charlie Smith and Tom Parrish.  

The 7’4” SP represents the third blank in our SP range, and the latest collaboration effort of a 40 year working relationship between Smith & Parrish. Their relationship began on the North Shore in the 1970’s where Parrish shaped boards for Smith under the Lightning Bolt surfboard label.  Four decades later, Smith & Parrish continue their legacy of board building on Maui under their own, respective labels, Charlie Smith Surfboards and Parrish Hawaiian Designs.

 The 7’4” SP is similar to the 7’10” SP and the 8’4” SP, offering a more complete size progres¬sion for mini-longboards.  The outlines of both were widened relative to the 8’4 SP to make them usable for a broader range of designs.  Natural rocker is fairly neutral in both the nose and tail, with enough thickness to shape them up or down, according to the shaper’s preference.  

US Blanks is honored to partner in the design tradition cultivated by Smith & Parrish.  The 7’4” SP is available in polyurethane in 6 density options or EPS foam in two densities.  Either foam is available with any desired stringer configuration.  

Made entirely in the USA, US Blanks has warehouses in California and Florida and distribution partners worldwide. 

David Scales

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