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Design: UWL to host next generation log shapers





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Saul, Dyer, Bexon will collab with UWL for an expo in Biarritz

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 3 June, 2016 - The UWL workshop will have in residency three of the "next generation" longboard shapers during an upcoming two-week stint. 

Custom orders and stock boards for the summer are in production for the french, german, itialian and Uk surfshops. Meet them at the factory or at the Wheels and Waves next week.

UWL Workshop will host two australian shaper, Eden Saul from Lennox Head, Thomas Bexon from the iconic longboard spot Noosa and Mason DYER from San Diego. UWL Workshop invites you to the expo « GONE SURFING » on friday 10 in Biarritz. Artists from Bleu Noir collective including Supakitch, Koralie et Little Madi will each customize a surfboards shaped by UWL team.

Eden SAUL - Dead Kooks surfboards
Born and raised in Lennox Head on the Far North Coast of New South Wales (Australia), a place I still call home. Growing up and living on the East Coast of Australia has provided a bevy of right hand points to test, play with and refine what I’ve been riding and shaping and has greatly influenced what a Dead Kooks board is all about.

Dead Kooks Surfboards has evolved over the past 9-10 years from a backyard hobby making boards for myself and friends, to a full-time job working with world champions and a string of worlds top surfers. Drawing inspiration from shapes of old, the boards we make are anything but retro.

Everything is designed, shaped and futher refiend with perfromance in mind, tackling everything from 12ft gliders, paddle guns for Jaws to refined modern logs, fish, singles and shorties.

Over the past years I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world shaping and surfing and doing what I love, and as long as people are stoked and I’m excited, I’ll keep doing that for as long as my body and mind allows.

Mason DYER  - Dyer Brand 
Dyer Brand is a menswear and surfboard manufacturing company based in San Diego California. It was started in 2010 by Mason Dyer with one mission; to make better functioning better looking goods at a fair price in the United States. Inspired by a mixture of military, surf and hot rod styles. Form and function are equally incorporated into each product.

Our Surfboards are all Hand shaped by Mason and glassed in the Dyer Brand Surfboard factory in Oceanside Ca. Each surfboard is crafted using traditional surfboard manufacturing techniques the emphasize craftsmanship and quality. Each board is as much a piece of art as it is a finely tuned, highly functional surf craft.

Thomas BEXON - Thomas surfboards
I make surfboards, i reckon i make pretty rad ones, just not too many white 6’1″ thrusters. Most of the testing is done on some pretty tasty point waves and few beaches, been doing it a little while now and really enjoy it.

I make ’em at a factory that has a lot of history in Australian surfing, bit of a bonus for me really. I’ve learnt a lot off some really great people from spending many hours in the shaping bay and in the water. Surfing’s fun and doing it on all types of boards makes you smile and keeps it interesting.

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