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Vans backs film about Spains surf-discovery era



Film Updates

Vans and Surfilmfestibal will present La Primera Ola 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 27 March, 2015 - Surfilmfestibal is an international annual exhibition that merges film, video and surf culture, not only from a sporting point of view but also from a social perspective, and giving special attention to the environment. 

Vans together with Canal + and Surfilmfestibal 2015, will present La Primera Ola Premier. A documentary, directed by Pedro Temboury, that traces the origins of surfing in Spain.  A series of stories that are accompanied by stunning and unpublished images of the time. Produced by Jocántaro Films and presented by VANS and Canal +.

How were Spain’s most mythical waves discovered, and how did the early surfers manage to get the necessary equipment to surf them? We will see for the first time the inside story of the young men and women who saw in surfing an escape from the adult world - a world that wanted to make “respectable citizens” out of them, when all they wanted were good waves, empty beaches, and fun, lots of fun


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