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VIDEO: Benjamin Sanchis scores crazy long barrels

Benjamin Sanchis © Billabong


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Latest episode of 'Where's Sancho?' goes to the Mentawais

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 July, 2012 : - - Check out this clip of Benjamin Sanchis in the Mentawais scoring crazy long barrels. Sancho has established himself as one of the leading freesurfers in the world, dedicating his time and resources to chasing down swells, getting the best shots, clips and most of all, getting spat out of barrels.

Based in SW France for the autumn and prime local surf season, the rest of the year he spends time between second homes in the Canaries, Bali, Tahiti and at the table of King Neptune having apperos with the leading citizens of Atlantis.

Source: Billabong Europe

Tags: Mentawai, Boat Trip, Banjamin Sanchis, Billabong

Video: Surfersvillage



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