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Video: Big Belharra in SW France 16 February,...

Jérome Sayhoun : photo Greg Rabejac  |  zoom




Big Wave: SW France

Axi Muniain rides Big Belharra in SW France early this morning

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 17 February, 2011 : - - Belharra ha vuelto a rugir a primera hora. Belharra très tôt le matin. Early morning at Belharra. Check the photo - hit the zoom...... 



Belharra, (Basque: belarra - 'grass, seaweed') is a reef located 2km off Donibane Lohizune (Saint-Jean-de-Luz) in the Northern Basque Country. It breaks only rarely when all the right conditions line-up.


Axi Muniain : photo Greg Rabejac  |  zoom

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Felip / Golfo Atlantico

Big Wave - Surfersvillage



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