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VIDEO: Maud Le Car not surfing by Stab Mag

Maud Le Car © Carroline Sarran / Maud Le


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French pro surfer gal Maud Le Car ain’t so bad to look at…

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 July, 2012 : - - Breezing around the Caribbean on a white sloop, surfing deserted waves and drinking local-made rum is the kinda thing most’d be happy doing for their entire lives. And, it’s a life that Maud Le Car could easily have had.

Y’see, Maud grew up on the French half of an island called San Maarten. It’s the sorta place where diving into the water feels like drinking crisp white wine after eating a burning curry. But, while Maud talks fondly of island lifestyle and her perfect childhood, there was one thing missing from it. Maud wanted the thrill of battle, the glory of winning, the drama of losing. She wanted competition.

At 19, Maud hovers just beyond the last edge of adolescence, but right outta high school she made a very adult decision. Her desire to be a professional surfer led Maud to move to the Landes Coast of France. Now she wakes up to Hossegor every morning, wanders down the cold sand and paddles a choppy little four-beat crawl into a not-so-crowded beachie. Then she comes in and trains with her friends. That’s the life she chose and the one she loves. But what Maud doesn’t like is the cold French water. And, coming from an island with average water temp of 26 degrees year-round, can y’blame her?

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Source: Stab Mag

Author: Elliot Struck / Caroline Sarran

Tags: Maude Le Car, Stab Magazine, Cheesecake, Surfer Girls

Video: Surfersvillage



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