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Go front row and centre at some of the world’s heaviest slabs

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 7 March, 2017 - From watching Aaron Gold drown to being stuck under a capsized boat, Tim Bonython’s been through a lot. Now the veteran film maker will drop in with Surfersvillage for a special Facebook LIVE episode to share stories and answer viewer questions.

Join us LIVE on Facebook on Wednesday March 8 at 11am France time (9pm Australia time) to hear what it’s like to be front-row and centre at the world’s most dangerous breaks.

His new film “The Big Wave Project: A Band of Brothers” captures some of the most dramatic moments in big-wave surfing from the past few years as well as the stories that tie these surfers together. 

The veteran film maker will also talk about how big-wave surfing has evolved. “Over the past 10 years the sport has been moving so fast, so much has changed,” says Bonython. “10 years ago tow surfing was cool now its frowned upon. (except if your riding 100 foot waves at Nazare)

Viewers will also be able to ask Tim questions about some of the waves he’s filmed and about some of the gnarly things he’s seen.

Like Surfersvillage Facebook page here and join us LIVE on Facebook on Wednesday March 8 at 11am France time (9pm Australia time).

Tim Bonython is an Australian filmmaker who has earned quite the reputation for placing himself in harm's way to get the shot. His job is to follow the earth’s biggest swells to the world’s most dangerous breaks. All that time weaving and bobbing on a boat, dodging sets that swing wide and generaly just being gnarly, have reaped rewards in the form of terabytes and terabytes of jaw-dropping footage. He turns these digital files into jaw-dropping films.


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