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Voice of surfing geezers calls out current magazines

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Corky Carroll

Corky Says: "Give Me a Surf Mag I Can Read"

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 15 May, 2012 : - - I have been a fan of surfing magazines ever since the very first Surfer magazine came out, and I rode my bike over to Robert August's house to buy one from him at three times the cover price. When I was a kid, I would cut out my favorite photos and tape them all over the walls and ceiling in my bedroom. I lovingly read every word and knew every photo in every issue, including all the advertisements.

In a later life, I worked as advertising director for Surfer and was a part of the process of putting out what we hoped to be the state-of-the-art surf magazine. I spent 10 years there, 1976 to 1986. Somewhere along the line, I stopped reading the magazines. I would still look at the photos, but hardly ever read anything. It was because somebody decided it was cool to use microsized print and maybe light-blue letters on a slightly lighter-blue background.

Who could see that stuff? I imagine somebody, because they still seem to do it that way. I don't get it. But that just shows my age. We geezers need large print and easy-to-read graphics. Most of the surf mags are impossible for the over-30 (yeah, I am in that group ... hahahaha) age group to read. Then I seemed to stop even looking at the photos. It was like, you see one radical air move and they all look pretty much the same. My love of surf mags faded more than my surf trunks.

But then I started to see these big monster tubes with guys getting insane rides, and it caught my interest again. I should point out that I would check out Surfers Journal whenever I could get my hands on it. Somebody there understands that a good surf photo should have a past, present and future.

Then today I went cover-to-cover with a new Surfer mag. I still can't read a word. But the photos were really good, and I could identify with at least most of them. The state of surfing is really amazing these days. But one thing that I still can't figure out is what's up with all the surf trunks that look like somebody barfed all over them? Do people really like that stuff?

But there it is again; I am stuck on geezer-style solid colors. And since all my boards are airbrushed cow print, it would seem that I have no room to comment on somebody else's bad taste.

I really would like to be able to read the mags again. If only some clever art director would come along and think its cool to use big letters so I can see it without a microscope. Does anybody remember the term "clean"?

Maybe they can come out with a Leisure World Surf Annual for the geriatric generation? Hot surf babes with no teeth and guys coming down the line smacking each other with canes and stuff. I'd buy that one.


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