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UPDATE: Austin Texas park opening date unconfirmed



Wavepool Updates

Waterpark will use Wavegarden technology 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 March, 2016 - Austin, Texas - Honbokea Surf Villages and Resorts made an announcement through a press release sent to The Inertia that the NLand surf park would be opening this Spring. The news of the opening date was sent out without confirmation from NLand who says that Honokea is no longer involved in teh project. NLand said in a statement that they are on schedule to open in Spring, but not date has been confirmed.

Update: The following statement is from Doug Coors, founder and CEO of NLand Surf Park in response to this story. Yesterday's story appears below:

“A recent press release issued by Honokea and media reports based on the release have resulted in some confusion. NLand Surf Park is on schedule to open this spring, but we have not announced an opening date. We worked with Honokea in the early stages of the project, but the company is no longer involved. We are excited about the future of surfing in Austin, Texas and look forward to sharing more information about NLand in the near future.”

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 March, 2016 - Have we entered the era where surf park openings each summer have become as routine as a Memorial Day board short sale? We hope so. And the latest park offers perfectly tubing six foot waves every 60 seconds with a lengthy ride of 35 seconds per wave.

Yes, this week, Honbokea Surf Villages and Resorts announced that the NLand surf park will be opening this spring, according to a press release sent to the Inertia.

The Austin Texas park will use Wavegarden technology in a lagoon roughly the size of nearby Lady Bird Lake, a central component to the Austin landscape. 



The site is located on 160 acres of overgrazed ranch land and will not draw water from nearby sources, instead relying on rain water catchment and storm water management to fill and maintain the pool.

“We designed the park to tread lightly on the land and all its resources, especially water,” said NLand Surf Park Founder and CEO Doug Coors in a press release. “Even in the most challenging drought conditions, we will be capable of operating the lagoon with only rainwater."

"We partnered with Wavegarden®, the Spanish engineering firm that invented the wave technology, because they figured out how to create incredible waves that are super energy efficient.”




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