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Waze-type app gathers community info for surf reports



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goFlow also uses official forecasting tools

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 August, 2015 - The world’s first mobile app enabling real-time reports for weather driven sports & actions sports (think ‘Waze’ for outdoor activities) called goFlow now has more than 100K registered users. 

The app combines social sharing capabilities with expert forecasting and a crowd-sourcing tool that allows users to share conditions with their networks. goFlow was born out of the surf community and has expanded to additional outdoor sports and activities such as: Skiing, Paddleboarding, Fishing, Diving, Cycling, Kitesurfing, Boating, Golfing, and Skateboarding.

With goFlow, users can crowd-source weather conditions across the board through GPS enabled mapping and private chat groups. The app has partnered exclusively with the best and most accurate wave and weather forecaster- StormSurf and provides a 7-day forecast rather than a single day forecast, making relevant every time zone. When sharing a photo or video on goFlow, there are tools that allow users to add specifics like wave size, crowds, surf conditions, and an overall rating.

In 2014, goFlow partnered with Big Wave Surfer, Ian Walsh. For Walsh, the most important piece of the application was having it synced with a proper surf forecasting system because he travels so frequently. goFlow is ideal for traveling as it allows users to maximize the amount of time spent in the water surfing great waves, and cut down on time spent searching for them.

goFlow was founded in 2013 by former pro surfer and Israeli women’s surf champion, Roni Eshel. After 10 years of traveling the world, and visiting the most beautiful destinations and amazing waves, Roni recognized a disconnect in the way surfers got their daily wave and weather reports. A typical morning for her was checking an array of online forecasts, videos from surf cams, and texting friends to figure out what spot she should surf. She realized there had to be a better way to connect her network and share great locations for surfing and other outdoor sports.

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