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Weather woes as Nat'l Surfing Day hits New Zealand

Somewhere in New Zealand © Surfing New Zealand/Jwan Milek





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Will the Change in Season Change Weather Patterns For Big Day?

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 December, 2014 - National Surfing Day will be celebrated around the New Zealand coastline this Saturday (6th December) – the first weekend of summer 2014.  It may be that the less than favourable equinox westerlies that have slammed New Zealand for weeks actually weakens with lighter winds now forecast.  There is even a small chance of swell on the East Coast of the North Island – something that has been missing for the best part of the spring season.

National Surfing Day celebrations will take place throughout New Zealand with the country’s 145,000 surfers encouraged to hit the water at any beach they desire to mark the day.

Getting started has been made easier with participating surf schools around the country offering heavily discounted surf lessons with all proceeds going to charity.  The recipient charity will be determined by public vote on the Surfing New Zealand Facebook page.  All surf lessons will cost only $25 on Saturday.

Boardrider clubs will also be getting in on the action with a number of clubs carrying out activities such as surfing events, open days and junior competitions.

Outside of Boardrider club and surf school activities, the main objective of National Surfing Day is to get out into the ocean and have some fun.  The day is set aside for Kiwi surfers to head to the beach and get into the ocean with their friends.  Surfers are also encouraged to introduce someone new to the sport as well and show them the powerful attraction of the ocean environment and riding waves.

Surfing has always regarded as having a ‘cool’ image.  Research backs this up with 76% of people thinking that image is what attracts people to surfing.  Other perceptions include socialising with friends (53%) and the challenge of riding waves (51%).  

However, research also suggests that those that surf themselves see a different set of values.

Surfers own mental wellbeing from getting in the waves is regarded as being of the most importance.  71% of surfers feel that mental wellbeing is of the highest importance followed by physical wellbeing at 56% and social reasons at 41%.  Put simply, surfing makes you feel happy, be it from the physical exertion, the feeling of riding waves or being in the ocean and outdoors environment.

It is this feeling that keeps people coming back for more and why people surf well into their sixties.  You only need to head to the beach this Saturday to see the age range between those starting out and surfers sixty years their senior still having fun with huge grins wrapped across their faces.

Everyone can share their own story of how they celebrated National Surfing Day this Saturday by using the #NSD2014 hashtag and joining in on the fun through social media.

Surfing Quick Facts

- 145,000 surfers in New Zealand
- 14,000,000 surf sessions annually in New Zealand
- 90% of surfs last over one hour (53% over 1.5 hours)
- 82% of surfers aged between 15-40 years of age
- NZ has 15,000km of coastline
- 65% of Kiwis live within 5km of the coastline

SNZ Affiliated Surf Schools Offering Discount Surf Lessons

Book your surfing lessons via the Surfing New Zealand website.

Ahipara - NZ Surf Bros
Sandy Bay - Oneill Surf Academy NZ
Tawharanui - Oneill Surf Academy NZ
Muriwai - Muriwai Surf School
Piha - NZ Surf Tours/Rapu Adventures
Piha - Tamariki Tours
Waihi Beach – Waihi Beach Surf School
Mount Maunganui - Hibiscus Surf School
Mount Maunganui - Mount Surf Academy
Gisborne - Walking on Water Surf School

Boardrider Club Activities
North Coast Boardriders Christmas Club Day (Sunday), Sandy Bay
Jackman Waterman Classic – Managwahi
Point Boardriders – Club Comp
Tairua Boardriders – Moss Smith Memorial Single Fin Comp
Whangamata Boardriders Club Open Day and Club Comp
Waihi Beach Boardriders – End of year prize giving
O’Neill Young Squids – Mount Maunganui
Gisborne Boardriders – End of year prize giving
Wairarapa Boardriders – Fun Family Event, Castle Point
New Plymouth Surfriders – NZ Home Loans Surf Series, Fitzroy Beach
South Island Mini Groms – North Beach, Christchurch
Sumner Longboarders – Tag Team Event and Christmas Party
Buller Boardriders – Club Comp 

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