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Western Australia suspends shark drum lines

Great White Shark © Elias Levy



Shark Updates

As summer approaches, drumline program halted

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 15 September, 2014 - Drum lines will not be deployed off WA beaches this summer after the state's Environmental Protection Authority advised against extending the Government's controversial catch and kill shark policy. The regulator's chairman, Paul Vogel, said the available information and evidence did not provide the organisation with a high level of confidence.

Following a spate of fatal shark attacks in the state, in January the WA Government introduced a 13-week trial where baited drum lines were set off Perth and South West beaches. During the trial, which cost the Government $1.3 million, approximately 50 sharks were killed, while over 170 were caught. About seven of the tiger sharks killed were female.

Explaining the EPA's decision on Thursday, the regulator's chairman Paul Vogel said there was too much uncertainty about how the drum lines would affect the environment, particularly endangered great white sharks. Under the Government's proposal, baited drum lines were to be set off beaches in Perth and the South West between November 15 and April 30 for the next three years to catch great white, tiger and bull sharks bigger than 3m.


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