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Wetsuit retailer gears up for Northern Hemi winter

Wetsuit Megastore website gets total redesign





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Wetsuit website redesign boasts easier to use for customers 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 7 October, 2014 - Wetsuit Megastore dot com underwent a complete redesign with a goal of making the site more simple, easy and fun to use. There's few things in the world as exhilarating as surfing in cold waters, and making the jump as a surfer from it being a summer and spring hobby, to a nearly year round sport.  Being able to do this requires, of course, an investment in a wetsuit to be able to best brave the elements.  

Unfortunately, for many people buying a wetsuit can be something of a haphazard affair, which often results in guesses being made and less than ideal purchases being made.  Enter, a wetsuit information database, with a focus on providing as much information as possible in the forms of buying guides and other resources, to take all the confusion out of selecting the perfect wetsuit.  The website recently relaunched with a new design, that's greatly streamlined and much easier to navigate and use.

“We tried to make the website it cleaner and more transparent, so it is easier for people to find what they are looking for,” commented a spokesperson from the site.  “All the most important info is now available right from the homepage.”

Some of the features of the site include:  an Extensive Guides, Tips and How to Section; Wetsuit Reviews; a Shopping Area to Make Purchases; Brand Guides; Size Guides; and a very thorough Frequently Asked Questions section.

The response to the new look of the website has been very enthusiastic.

Kevin, who recently visited the new site, remarked, “Absolutely first class run down of what to look for when buying a wetsuit for the first time. I am planning on getting in to some open water swimming in west coast of Scotland. I’ve been wondering what to go for and how much to spend, I’m now feeling much more confident about what I’m actually looking for...magic, thanks a lot.”


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