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What does Surfrider mean to Shaun Tomson?

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Shaun Tomson reflects on the importance of Surfrider

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 18 June, 2014 - My history with Surfrider runs deep. 30 years ago, the founder of Surfrider, Glenn Henning, asked me to speak to a group of school children. I wanted the kids to meaningfully connect to the ocean, so I wrote “The Surfers’ Code” and shared it with them.  The first lesson is “I will never turn my back on the ocean”.  That lesson rings true, now more than ever.

With the pollution, diminishing beach access and at-risk coastal ecosystems, our ability to enjoy our oceans, waves and beaches is threatened. We all need to be larger collective voice for our oceans to protect and preserve them for years to come. Today, you can join Surfrider and be that voice. You can help keep our beaches open, our oceans clean and our waves free.

As surfers we are immersed in the elements. We are on the front line and see the environment as it envelops us. We all take advantage of what our oceans have to offer and that is why every surfer should be a member of Surfrider.

Surfers know what’s at stake. Don’t turn your back on the ocean, become a Surfrider member now. 

Keep Surfing, Shaun Tomson

Shaun Tomson

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