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What's Cool? Jumping airplanes in the desert


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Robbie Maddison's legendary moto skills 1.4 million YouTube views

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 20 February, 2013 : - - Within just one week DC’s Air Craft, starring Robbie Maddison, has reached an astonishing number with just over 1.4 million views via the DC Shoes YouTube channel. In addition to the rapid success of the video, AIR.CRAFT also appeared on the YouTube Popular Page, which has always been dedicated to only the biggest viral video sensations each week.
The first of its kind, AIR.CRAFT is a motocross short film produced by DC that showcases Robbie Maddison’s legendary moto skills in a new direction of filming and riding, unique to freestyle motocross. Maddo shows off his insane abilities and passion for the sport with never before seen stunts that rival his stunt work in such movies as Skyfall.

AIR.CRAFT is also the first video to launch a new series for the DC Teamworks Collection. Judging by the YouTube and popular success of AIR.CRAFT, this video is only the first of many to be created by DC as part of the franchise.
“This is beyond amazing and I am really humbled and grateful to everyone that watched the video and shared it online. 1 million views is unbelievable. The greatest reward for making a video like this is knowing that we created something really different and new and that our fans truly loved it. Thank you to the fans, to DC, and everyone that made this happen,” said Robbie Maddison, DC moto athlete and star of AIR.CRAFT.
Stay tuned for the behind the scenes edit set to release later thismonth.  In the BTS edit, fans will see what went into the making of AIR.CRAFT and how Robbie overcame the threat of injury to complete the project.

Source: DC Shoes

Author: Emmanuel Labadie

Tags: Robbie Maddison, Motocross, DC Shoes

Film: Surfersvillage


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