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Who are the best 'older' surfers in France? Find out

Xabi Lafitte © FFS



Masters Championships of France

French Surfing Federation
Bidart, 64 France
20 June 2015

Xabi Lafitte wins Grand Masters division (40+)

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 June, 2015 - The French Masters Championships went off on June 20th in beautiful surf at Bidart. Six national titles were awarded as surfers qualified for the World Masters Championships coming up this November.

Organized by the Surf Bidarteko Club and The French Surfing Federation the event saw 100 entrants battle it out in 3-4 foot surf. The age requirements for this event are that surfers must be over the age of 28 and of French citizenship.

Senior Men (28 years) 
1. Romain Lauhlé (Anglet Surf Club, Atlantic Pyrenees) 13.66 pts 
2. Jérémy Brasset (Madinina Surf Club, Martinique) 10.83 pts 
3. Loic Erran (Bidarteko Surf Club, Atlantic Pyrenees) 10.60 pts 
4. Thomas Portet (Bidarteko Surf Club, Atlantic Pyrenees) 9.50 pts 
5ex. Florian Martinel (Bidarteko Surf Club, Atlantic Pyrenees) and Frédéric Arnoux (Capbreton, Landes) 
7ex. Simon Marchand (Hendaye Bidassoa Surf Club, Atlantic Pyrenees) and Romain Gilles (Marbella Surf Club, Atlantic Pyrenees) 

Masters mermaids (+ 35) 
1. Lydie Soule Toche (Lecques Energy club, Paca) 11.67 pts 
2. Véronique Hayon (SC Sardine, Paca) 8.06 pts 
3. Isabelle Froidefond (FFS) 4.84 pts 

Masters (35 +) 
1. Frédéric Robin (SC Roches Noires, La Reunion) 17.10 pts 
2. Boris Le Texier (Bayonne, Atlantic Pyrenees) 12.76 pts 
3. Glenn Le Toquin (Lou Bisca Surf Club, Landes) 9.64 pts 
4. Manu Portet (Bidarteko Surf Club, Atlantic Pyrenees) 7.47 pts 
5ex. Michel Isaia (WSA, Morbihan) and Edouard Brayer (Bidarteko Surf Club, Atlantic Pyrenees) 
7ex. Romain Farthouat (La Salie Surf Club, Landes), Eric Darblade (Anglet Surf Club, Atlantic Pyrenees), Daniel Billon (WSA, Morbihan) 

Grand Master (40 years +)  
1. Xabi Lafitte (Bidarteko Surf Club, Atlantic Pyrenees) 10.73 pts 
2. Joachim Grenier (Lou Surfou, Landes) 8.83 pts 
3. Régis Blanchard (St Gilles Cx Life, Vendée) 6.22 pts 
4. François Kirié (BASCs, Atlantic Pyrenees) 5.97 pts 
5ex. Thierry Vidal (Anglet Surf Club, Atlantic Pyrenees) and Olivier Salvaire (Surf Club Mimizan, Landes) 
7ex. E. St Rémy (FFS), Charles-Henri Philippon (Côte des Basques Surf Club, Atlantic Pyrenees), Erwan Bourdeaux (WSA, Morbihan) 

Kahunas (+ 45) 
1. Jean-Marc Vidal (Anglet Surf Club, Atlantic Pyrenees) 10.16 pts 
2. Michel Plateau (FFS), 9.13 pts 
3. Bruno Laharragues (Anglet Surf Club, Atlantic Pyrenees) 8.70 pts 
4. Sébastien St Jean (Hossegor Surf Club, Landes) 
5ex. Joao de Sonis (Basque Coast Surf Club, Atlantic Pyrenees) and François Liets (Lou Surfou, Landes)  
7ex. François GOUFFRANT (Bayonne, Atlantic Pyrenees) and Hervé Toulouse (Maeve Surf Club, Landes)  

Grand Kahunas (+50 years) 
1. Eric Graciet (Biarrots Dolphins) 15.67 pts 
2. Gilles Asenjo (Basque Coast, Atlantic Pyrenees) 9.70 pts 
3. Pierre Nazeyrollas (Big Beach Surf Club, Atlantic Pyrenees) 8.00 pts 
4. Michel Larronde (Marbella Surf Club, Atlantic Pyrenees) 5.53 pts 
5ex. Jean-Claude Sprecher (Surf Club of the Sardine, Paca) and Jean Labrucherie (Basque Coast Surf Club, Atlantic Pyrenees)  
7ex. Branco Mauricio Suarez (Urkirola Surf Club, Atlantic Pyrenees) and Pierre Touron (Anglet Surf Club, Atlantic Pyrenees)


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