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Women's Body Glove Topaz wetsuit review

Women's Body Glove Topaz wetsuit review
Women's Body Glove Topaz



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Women's Body Glove Topaz 3/2 front zip

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 20 October, 2014 - Here we go again, it’s that time of year when you need to do equipment inventory for the winter. Having the right wetsuit can make or break your surfing experience during these cold winter months. Let’s take a look at one of your options.

The Body Glove Topaz is made with soft Evo Flex stretchy neoprene making the suit easy to slip on and off. Evo Flex is concentrated all throughout the shoulders and legs for maximum flexibility. The flexibility of the neoprene helps with paddling making your time in the water easier on the shoulders. The elasticity of the Evo Flex neoprene also helps keep the hips and knees loose for springing off your bottom turn and slashing in the pocket. 

Inside and throughout the middle of the suit you will find a Thermoplush fiber core. The lining is soft with a tight knitted absorbent material that looks similar to beach towel material. This lining adds warmth for those colder, windier, darker winter days. The Thermoplush core adds a little more weight, but it’s not so much weight that it affects your performance. It’s better to be warm and loose than stiff and cold when you're surfing in the winter. 

Other features to the warmth status of this suit is the microbead sealant designed to control the flow of water so that it dispenses evenly across the surface of the suit, like water off a duck’s back. In addition to the microbead technology, the suit is sealed with a rubber lining that Body Glove calls liquidweld seams. The micro micro bead sealant combined with the liquidweld seam lining the inside of the suit really make for a nice warm sealed fit.
This suit comes in the chest zip option and is really easy to get on and off. Some chest zips can be really tight and harder for women to pull on over curvy contours, but this chest zip entry is fitted nicely for a woman’s shape. 

The neck isn’t too tight and the part that goes over the head won’t pull your hair out as it is stretchy, soft, and smooth. The suit fits nicely to the female form with no extra rubber bunching in random places like the knee or the wrists. The chest zip keeps your body sealed in and safe from any flushing. 

This year’s model comes in two colors, black and a red ‘wine’ color. The Topaz is also available in a 3/2 and 4/3 thickness. 

One factor that this review cannot attest to is the durability of the suit. Be sure to check the warranty at your local surf shop. The shop salespeople see a flood of new wetsuits come in each season. They also know which wetsuits tend to come back for repair and can often point out which design features and materials are problematic.

Overall the Body Glove Topaz scores high points for fit, warmth, and performance. The neoprene is flexible and light as well as insulated and warm. The suit is well put together and there are no unfinished seams or haphazard sewing. Design-wise the Topaz scores excellent for ease of entry and an overall female friendly fit.

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