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World Tour 10-point rides translate to cancer funds

Owen Wright's 10 in Tahiti funds cancer research © ASP/Kirstin



Industry Updates

1-DA Shapes Surfboards announce 2015 1-DA Challenge

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 1 January, 2015 - After a member of the 1-DA Shapes’ family was diagnosed with breast cancer late 2013, they wanted to create a positive situation out of scenario by assisting in reducing, and ultimately eliminating, breast cancer in the future.

Gavin Upson, co-founder of the Gold Coast based surfboard company, explains “We feel that making donations to the National Breast Cancer Foundation is the best way we can do this. And given we’re obviously a company who loooove to surf and support professional surfers, we’ve created a unique challenge incorporating these fun aspects of the 1-DA Shapes’ world.”

1-DA Shapes have committed to donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation:
-    $10 for every 10 point ride scored during all Men & Women WCT surfing events during all rounds except the final round of each event; and
-    $100 for every 10 point ride scored during all Men & Women WCT surfing events during the final of each event.

“The 1-DA Challenge officially kicked off in February 2014. Due to the unprecedented low number of Perfect 10 scores in 2014, we’re still stoked we created this fund raiser and look forward to doing it again in 2015” says Upson.

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