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Wristband gets techy to tell sharks you're not that interesting



Shark Updates

Sharkbanz is launching in Australia this weekend

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 11 January, 2015 - A new band designed to prevent shark attacks on surfers and swimmers is surfacing this weekend, with endorsements from survivors of such traumatic experiences endorsing the new technology.

Created by American Nathan Garrison in partnership with his father David, Sharkbanz is already available stateside, while the Australian launch will take place in Melbourne this weekend.

Using electromagnetic currents to deter sharks from an area, the band – which is about the size of a watch – has been tested on nearly a dozen species of sharks so far and aims to ensure that humans and sharks can enjoy the ocean together without danger. 

Shark attack survivor Paddy Trumbull, 65, who had her buttocks torn off by a bull shark in Queensland in February 2010 said such a device would have 'absolutely' prevented her attack.


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