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WSL's Shoe City Pro kicks off in Huntington Beach

Kolohe Andino © Nilton Baptista/APSS




Shoe City Pro

WSL Men's QS1000
Location: Huntington Beach, Ca
5 - 8 January 2015

Shoe City Pro will finish tomorrow

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 7 January, 2015 -  Huntington Beach - The World Surf League (WSL) Shoe City Pro kicked off today in clean conditions with 2-3 ft surf on the Southside of the Huntington Beach Pier. Eight heats of Round 1 and sixteen heats of Round 2 were completed in their entirety. The day’s competition saw a wide range of surfers, from young up-and-comers to world tour surfers. Competitors only saw the waves improve throughout the day, as the swell filled in and the tide dropped. This WQS 1000 event is the first of the 2015 WSL season and competitors are looking to kick off the new year with a good result.

The standout surfer of the day was San Diego’s Jake Marshall (USA) who put on a clinic in Heat 13 of Round 2. The young regular-footer dropped a near-perfect 9.5 on a clean left-hander going into the pier where he blasted three strong backhand turns. Not only did Marshall take home the day’s highest single wave score, but he also pocketed the highest heat score with a two-wave total of 16.50 points.
“I caught my best waves all in a row, so I was pretty lucky to get in that rhythm before the waves went flat in the back half of the heat,” said Jake. “To win this event or any other WQS event would mean a lot to me because I’ve never done that; I haven’t even won a Pro Jr. before. I got third here last year so I think this event could be a good opportunity for me to do well.”
Marshall made the Semi-Finals here in Huntington Beach at last year’s Shoe City Pro, and is definitely proving to be one of this year’s contenders again.
Another top performer of the day was WCT competitor Kolohe Andino (USA). The San Clemente native went to town in Heat 1 of Round 2 during the morning’s high tide conditions, laying down some precise backhand turns and even throwing a lofty forehand air-reverse with ease. Andino walked away from the heat with the one of day’s highest heat totals of 16.24 points as well as some serious momentum going into tomorrow’s competition.
“I always love competing here in Huntington, this is where I grew up doing contests so it’s always nice coming back here,” said Andino. “I jumped into this event to keep the rhythm going from last year and to try and get back into competitive shape after the holidays. I think it’s great that this new North America series is offering some of young guys a better chance to get a seed into some of the bigger (WQS) events. It’s also nice just to have events like this close to home where you can compete with some of your hometown friends.”
Josh Benjoya (USA) also made a solid showing today, winning both his Round 1 and Round 2 heats with smooth, technical surfing. The goofy-footer dropped an impressive 8.17 in Heat 4 of Round 1 on a beautiful left-hander where he put together a string of clean forehand hacks. Benjoya is looking to capitalize on this event and kick off his 2015 WQS campaign with a solid result.
“My heat this morning was super slow to start, but then I lucked into that bigger set and that’s when I got my eight,” Josh explained. “The waves got a lot better in my heat this afternoon, and I sat further South towards Machado peak. I’m from Salt Creek and that left reminded me a lot of home, so it was nice to get some fun waves and I’m stoked to get through to tomorrow.”
Ian Gouveia (BRA) was another surfer that looked to be in top form. The Brazilian goofy-footer showed some smooth, powerful surfing and pocketed a solid 14.93 heat total. Gouveia is one of the top seeds of the event and will be one to watch in the coming rounds.
The 2015 World Surf League (WSL) Shoe City Pro will finish tomorrow, January 8th. 

2015 Shoe City Pro Round 1 Results
Heat 1: Paul Pugliesi (USA) 7.67, Jeff Knell (USA) 5.77, Dimitri Papavassiliou (USA) 3.56, Neil Donovan (USA) 2.80

Heat 2: Ryland Rubens (USA) 13.93, Noah Collins (USA) 12.70, Ethan Osborne (USA) 12.03, Micky Clarke (USA) 8.40

Heat 3: Ben Graeff (USA) 9.53, Travis Beckmann (HAW) 7.04, Sean Woods (USA) 6.90, Henry McNamara  

Heat 4: John Mel (USA) 11.34, Josh Benjoya (USA) 10.04, Derek Wong (HAW) 7.96, Patrick Furlotti (USA) 2.73

Heat 5: Skip McCullough (USA) 9.97, Jamie Meistrell (USA) 9.96, Jason Knell (USA) 9.56, Kyle Brown (USA) 5.77

Heat 6: Jeronimo Vargas (BRA) 8.93, Andrew Neimann (USA) 7.37, Preston Dexter (USA) 6.37, Dylan Christenson (USA) 4.57

Heat 7: Cody Young (HAW) 12.46, Lucas Taub (BRA) 10.20, Wyatt McHale (HAW) 7.27, Eddie Guilbeau (USA) 5.97

Heat 8: Jack Boyes (USA) 13.37, Andrew Doheny (USA) 9.20, Macy Mullen (HAW) 8.70, Ricky Whitlock (USA) 8.43
2015 Shoe City Pro Round 2 Results
Heat 1: Kolohe Andino (USA) 16.24, Derek Peters (USA) 14.93, Colt Ward (USA) 13.53, Paul Pugliesi (USA) 7.17

Heat 2: Kirk Weissinger (USA) 9.73, Jake Davis (USA) 9.13, Nic Hdez (USA) 9.06, Jeff Knell (USA) 5.23

Heat 3: Ryland Rubens (USA) 11.43, Danny Berk (USA) 6.67, Jake Halstead (USA) 5.03, Kona Oliveira (HAW) 3.80

Heat 4: Nolan Rapoza (USA0 11.64, Noah Collins (USA0 7.93, Brandon Todd (USA) 5.17, David Watkins (NZL) 2.53

Heat 5: Nathan Yeomans (USA) 13.44, Nate Dorman (USA) 8.27, Chandler Norton (USA) 4.00, Ben Graeff (USA) 3.93

Heat 6: Chase Wilson (USA) 13.66, Ian Crane (USA) 13.40, Gabriel Andre (BRA) 11.80, Travis Beckmann (HAW) 9.37

Heat 7: Luke Marks (USA) 12.23, Griffin Colapinto (USA) 10.90, John Mel (USA) 8.40, Frank Chenault (USA) 0.00

Heat 8: Josh Benjoya (USA) 11.33, Makai McNamara (HAW) 11.20, Cole Houshmand (USA) 8.44, Myles Laine-Toner 6.77

Heat 9: Ian Gouveia (BRA) 14.93, Colin Moran (USA) 12.50, Skip McCullough (USA) 11.90, Jason Harris (USA) 8.36

Heat 10: Cody Canzoneri (USA) 9.83, Jamie Meistrell (USA) 9.07, Kekoa Cazimero (HAW) 8.83, Matt Passaquindici (USA) 8.80

Heat 11: Kalani David (HAW) 14.03, Quinn McCrystal (USA) 10.66, Jeronimo Vargas (BRA) 8.53, Kevin Schulz (USA) 8.37

Heat 12: Killian Garland (USA) 13.17, Jake Kelley (USA) 11.83, Andrew Niemann (USA) 9.67, Brad Ettinger (USA) 8.76

Heat 13: Jake Marshall (USA) 16.50, Jean Da Silva (BRA) 8.43, Tyler Gunter (USA) 6.47, Cody Young (HAW) 5.17

Heat 14: Taylor Clark (USA) 14.17, Mikey McCabe (USA) 14.00, Braden Jones (USA) 9.27, Lucas Taub (BRA) 7.96

Heat 15: Cory Arrambide (USA) 13.74, Jacob Szekely (USA) 12.84, Jack Boyes (USA) 12.77, Jonah Morgan (USA) 6.37

Heat 16: Johnny Noris (USA) 13.10, Rob Kelly (USA) 8.53, Tyler Morris (USA) 8.17, Andrew Doheny (USA) 4.70

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