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Youngest Kiwis shine at ISA World Junior Champs

Dune Kennings was one of 3 Kiwis eliminated today © ISA



VISSLA ISA World Junior Surfing Champs

International Surfing Association
Salinas, Ecuador
5 - 13 April, 2014

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Day 4 heats up for New Zealand juniors

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 April, 2014 - A massive day of surfing at the 2014 Vissla ISA World Junior Champs saw the Kiwi’s in the Under 16 Boys Division prove themselves while the team lost their first surfers from the event in the Under 18 Boys Division.

Today (Thursday 10th April), battling through their do or die repechage rounds, Jonas Tawharu (Mnt), Manu Scott – Arrieta (Sandy Bay) and Daniel Farr (Tara) progressed through their second round heats.

The round kicked off with Jonas Tawharu (Mnt) placing second in his match up to advance alongside the South African surfer Adin Masencamp.  Next up was Manu Scott – Arrieta (Sandy Bay) who won his heat with a 6.50 point heat total to progress along with Venezuelan surfer Jacobo Martinez.

Lastly Daniel Farr (Tara) rounded out a clean sweep for the Under 16 Boys Division winning his heat with an 8.07 point heat total to advance alongside Ethan Fletcher (RSA).

“I was happy with how my heat went just now, it would have been better if it was in the main round but a win is a win at this stage and I am stoked all us young guys in the Under 16 Boys Division went well and hopefully we can keep it going together” said Farr.

Earlier in the day, the fourth of the Under 16 Boys quartet, Kehu Butler (Mnt), contested his qualifying round heat.  With waves at a premium, Butler was hustled into submission by the other three surfers who ensured that he had limited opportunity to get any high scores.  Butler now joins his three team mates in the repechage rounds and will compete towards the end of tomorrow’s action.

Also contesting the qualifying rounds was Under 18 Boys Division surfer and team captain Elliot Paerata – Reid (Piha).  Unfortunately his heat went the same way as Butler with inconsistent waves forcing Paerata – Reid’s hand into hassling for waves.  Requiring a 5.2 point ride for progression, he pushed for a wave next to a Hawaiian surfer, neither giving an inch. 

The two surfers ended up both catching the wave shoulder-to-shoulder and incurring a double interference which pushed Paerata – Reid back to fourth place and into the repechage rounds.

Paerata – Reid’s team mates in the same division also suffered repechage round defeats and were eliminated from the event today.  Hutchings (Gis) and Kennings (WGM) were eliminated in the second round placing 49th equal.  Hutchings came agonisingly close to progression after a slow heat which ended with a great 6.73 point ride, 0.10 points short of the required score to stay alive in the event.

Earlier in the day Jordan Griffin (Mnt) placed third in his heat to finish 73rd overall.

It was two up and two down for the Kiwi girls with Jasmine Smith (Gis) and Elin Tawharu (Mnt) both being relegated to the repechage rounds while Britt Kindred (Mur) and Kea Smith (Mnt) battled through their repechage heats to reach the final 24 surfers in the event and stay alive for day five of the event.

“The conditions were challenging in that heat, low tide with quick close outs but I knew if I got two quick turns in, I would get an alright score and that’s what I did” said Kindred who hopes to get some higher scores tomorrow and move through to the final 18 surfers in her division.

Smith who placed second in her heat is also hoping for some bigger scores tomorrow and more attention to wave selection after leaving the water satisfied with her performance but knowing that she can improve.

Smith, a first time competitor at the event, has enjoyed her time in Ecuador to date and had no idea how big the event would be and how all the nations would be friendly and supportive of each other.

Over the full tide and on the beach break of podium one at La Fae Beach, Jasmine Smith surfed a tough, low scoring heat where she placed fourth.  Despite the fourth place finish in the heat, Smith only needed a small 3.5 point ride to push through to the next round and she gave herself a number of opportunities but the waves either closed out quickly or went flat.

Tawharu also placed fourth in her heat requiring a 5.37 point ride for progression and she will now contest Repechage Round 4 mid way through tomorrow.

The nine day event saw the more small waves today with swell under 1.0m with light winds.  Good sets pulsed through the line-up but were all too often few and far between.  The swell is expected to build for the latter stages of the event.

The schedule for day five is below starting at 1:00am (NZT)

Main podium
1:00am - Under 18 Boys Repechage Round 2 (Heats 7 – 12)
2:30am - Under 16 Boys Repechage Round 3 – Jonas Tawharu, Manu Scott – Arrieta and Daniel Farr
4:00am - Under 18 Boys Repechage Round 3
5:30am - Under 16 Boys Repechage Round 4 – Kehu Butler and potentially Tawharu, Scott - Arrieta and Farr
7:00am - Under 18 Boys Repechage Round 4 – Elliot Paerata - Reid
8:30am - Under 16 Boys Repechage Round 5

Second podium
3:00am - Under 16 Girls Repechage Round 3 – Kea Smith
3:45am - Under 18 Girls Repechage Round 3 – Britt Kindred
4:30am - Under 16 Girls Repechage Round 4 – Elin Tawharu and potentially Kea Smith
5:15am - Under 18 Girls Repechage Round 4 – Jasmine Smith and potentially  Britt Kindred

Please see below for results from day four of the 2014 Vissla ISA World Junior Championships held at La Fae Beach, Salinas, Ecuador held today (Thursday 10th April 2014).

Under 18 Boys Qualifying Round 3
Heat 5
1, Nelson Cloarec, FRA, 11.93, 2, Luan Wood, BRA, 9.54, 3, Ulu Napeahi, HAW, 6.53, 4, Elliot Paerata-Reid, NZL, 6.37

Under 18 Boys Repechage Round 1
Heat 4
1, Dune Kennings, NZL, 10.17, 2, Sean Foerster, CAN, 6.87, 3, Christian Ibarra, CHI, 5.30, 4, Odd Persson, SWE, 2.87
Heat 7
1, Juan Diaz, VEN, 8.27, 2, Zander Venezia, BAR, 6.27, 3, Jordan Griffin, NZL, 4.43, 4, Jorge Soto, CHI, 4.30

Under 18 Boys Repechage Round 2
Heat 4
1, Josh Burke, BAR, 15.34, 2, Esnaider Parrales, ECU, 10.27, 3, Dune Kennings, NZL, 7.67, 4, Felipe Suarez, ARG, 6.63
Heat 6
1, Gearoid Mc Daid, IRE, 14.73, 2, Guilherme Fonseca, POR, 8.77, 3, Korbin Hutchings, NZL, 9.23, 4, Nic Hdez, USA, 9.17

Under 16 Boys Qulaifying Round 3
Heat 5
1, Leo-Paul Etienne, FRA, 15.67, 2, Jhonatan Corzo, MEX, 8.80, 3, Kehu Butler, NZL, 6.87, 4, Yuki Nakashiro, JPN, 4.97

Under 16 Boys Repechage Round 2
Heat 4
1, Adin Masencamp, RSA, 9.00, 2, Jonas Tawharu, NZL, 6.40, 3, Nehomar Romero, VEN, 5.77, 4, Rafael Clemente, ECU, 4.13
Heat 6
1, Manu Scott-Arrieta, NZL, 6.50, 2, Jacobo Martinez, VEN, 4.87, 3, Nils Despouy, TAH, 4.67, 4, Jesus Esquivel, GUA, 2.80
Heat 10
1, Daniel Farr, NZL, 8.07, 2, Ethan Fletcher, RSA, 6.77, 3, Sebastian Ventura, ARG, 5.60, 4, Johnny Guerrero, PER, 4.60

Under 18 Girls Repechage Qualifying Round 3
Heat 1
1, Tia Blanco, USA, 12.27, 2, Kim Veteau, FRA, 6.33, 3, Tessa Thyssen, FRA, 5.67, 4, Jasmine Smith, NZL, 5.33

Under 18 Girls Repechage Round 2
1, Keshia Eyre, POR, 8.63, 2, Britt Kindred, NZL, 5.90, 3, Wuileidis Farinas, VEN, 4.93, 4, Olivia Warden, BAR, 2.96

Under 16 Girls Qualifying Round 3
Heat 2
1, Josefina Ane, ARG, 8.20, 2, Dax McGill, HAW, 7.70, 3, Maddie Peterson, USA, 7.67, 4, Elin Tawharu, NZL, 4.43

Under 16 Girls Repechage Round 2
Heat 5
1, Karol Ribeiro, BRA, 7.33, 2, Kea Smith, NZL, 6.30, 3, Wuileidis Farinas, VEN, 4.37, 4, Evelyn Gontier, ARG, 3.63


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