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Zane Schweitzer victorious at the Sapinus Pro Tahiti

Zane Schweitzer © Waterman's League




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Vaz takes the lead, Schweitzer jumps to 2nd in World Ratings after win in Tahiti

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 June, 2015 - Teahupoo, Tahita - Yesterday in Tahiti, Zane Schweitzer secures a well deserved victory at the 2015 Sapinus Pro and moves into 2nd overall in the World Ratings

It has been an amazing 3 days here in Tahiti with pumping surf, beautiful weather, and surrounded by the magical scenery that makes you feel like you are in a dream world, with today's action proving to be the perfect way to end the 2015 #SapinusPro.

Today dawned overcast, but with solid surf in the 6ft++ region, as Round 3 kicked off early, as the sun came out to provide a picture perfect scenario for the final day of competition.

From the outset, Zane Schweitzer (Starboard) was a man on a mission, driving powerful carves in the pocket and finding more barrels than anyone, clearly here to make a statement in Tahiti at stop number 2 on the 2015 Stand Up World Tour.

Zane won all his heats on his way to the final, clearly positioning himself as the man to beat, and building off the flashes of brilliance he showed back at Sunset in February. A victory has been long overdue for this young talent from Maui, as he hasn't had a win since 2011 (the Hawaii Island Finals), except for a win at the Abu Dhabi All Stars exhibition event back in 2013.

After his win here in Tahiti, Zane now moves into 2nd place overall in the World Rankings with a 9th at Sunset and now a win here in Tahiti. He is looking stronger, fitter and more focused than ever, so watch out for this impressive talent as we progress through the 2015 season, sitting right on the heels of the new ratings leader.

Make sure to watch the highlights, check out the full results, and standby for more lifestyle segments coming to you over the coming week from the beautiful islands of Tahiti

Caio Vaz © Waterman's League

Caio Vaz (Art in Surf) narrowly missed out on a World Title in 2014, just falling short in an immensely close battle with Kai Lenny (Naish) that went right up until the last day of the season. This year, things seemed to start the same way, with Caio and Kai once again meeting in the Final, with Kai having the edge to take the win. 

However here in Tahiti, with Kai going down in the 2nd round, the door was left open for Caio to capitalize, and that he did and then some, with some impressive surfing from start to finish and a well thought out contest strategy that saw him outplay his opponents all the way to the final.

At the midpoint of the final, it seemed that everything was playing in Caio's favor, with a couple of solid scores and leaving Zane with a lot of work to do. Unfortunately for Caio, Zane continued to plug away, posting higher and higher scores, before finding the perfect wave he had been waiting for to unleash some powerful carves and allowing him one of the only barrels on offer during the latter part of the day. 

While Caio was dissappointed not to take a win here in Tahiti, his 2nd place finish propels him to the top of the Rankings after stop number 2 and before he heads home to Brazil in August for stop 3. Given his track record in Brazil and his current momentum, this could be the start of something big for Caio Vaz in 2015.

Make sure to watch the highlights and stay tuned for news, video specials and much more


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