You can integrate Surfersvillage news directly on your website, forum or blog...

Iframe integration

ASP News integration in iframe
This is the simplest way to have surfersvillage news integrated in your own website.
Just copy paste the line of code bellow where you want the newsbox to appear and adjust the parameters.
Free customisation is available for website with more than 1.000.000 page views/month. Please contact
Note: News in the integration boxes are in english only, commercial news are not displayed.
width & height :
You can specify any value to fit your website design
scrolling=no : No scrollbar on the box
scrolling=yes : A scrollbar will appear (can be usefull if you want to display a small box).
<IFRAME name=updates scrolling=no marginWidth=0 frameSpacing=0 marginHeight=0 src="" frameBorder=0 width=400 height=155></IFRAME>
(Each news title, when clicked on, will open a popup of 620/480px centered on the screen
with only the news content displayed – No header, menu, footer, etc.)

Demo      Integration by Geographic area or interest

News Integration - RSS newsfeed

RSS Newsfeed - Get the news served directly to you...
Outlook : Download NewsGator here
Internet Explorer : Download Pluck here
Firefox : Click on this icon in the bottom right corner of firefox while you are on homepage
Standalone clients : Go here to find a plethora of RSS readers.
Tutorials : For those who do not know what RSS is, take a look at this tutorial from CNET. It's simple and complete and covers various aspects of installation and utilisation.
Surfersvillage RSS Feed address:
Tech Allergics :

Link to Globalsurfnews

Feel free to add a link to (example bellow)
Code bellow (copy/paste)
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"></a>
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