Quiksilver Boardshorts
 - Tropics: Bud growing in size, Sanvu is now ...
 - FCS to supply the Hurley High Performance C...
 - Video: French Connexion crew cruise Mentawa...
 - VIDEO: Quiksilver Saquarema Prime day 1 hig...
 - U.K. set to host ASP 6-Star Relentless Boar...
 - Saffa surfer Dene Botha helps save the rhin...
 - Parko to paddle 51 kilomitres from Molokai ...
 - Boardroom Int'l Surfboard Show honors Mark ...
 - Video: Group taps Cuban surf culture & envi...
 - Meilleures surfeuses du monde à Roxy Pro Bi...
 - Diverse surf cultures captured in new shirt...
 - Kids to create surf art mural at Waialua El...
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- Surfersvillage´ Partners - - - - - -                                                          Page 1 | 2

  Surfboards & Accessories - - - 

Aipa Surfboards Boards shaped by the legendary Ben Aipa.
Aloha Surfboards Corporate website for events, products, histoy, etc.
APS* 3000 The revolutionary surfboard shaping machine
Arrow Surfboards Corporate website for boards & Surf products, etc.
Beach Trading Co  Kids rash guard shirts that give SPF 150+ protection
Bear Surfboards Corporate website, events, videos, and products.
Biarms Custom made wetsuits
Bic Surfboards Corporate website. Exact reproduction of magic shapes.
Boardhunt  A unique way to buy or sell used boards across the US
Board-Sock-Shop Custom made socks for all type of board.
Buell Wetsuits  Buell Wetsuits from Santa Cruz. Offers custom suits for retail and private label
Bufo BoardsAward winning new technology surfboards.
Bulatowicz.com Home of Floridian shaper Bob Bulatowicz
Buy-Rash-Guards.com Commercial hub for all kinds of rash guards
Chandler Surf Boards shaped Scott "Channy" Chandler.
Creatures of Leisure Surf Accessories  Hardcore surf goods. 
Degree33 Surfboards Epoxy and Poly Urethane surfboards
Dempsey Handcrafted Dempsey Handcrafted Surfboards.
Dewey Weber Staying close to the soul of surfing
Ding King repairs any kind of surfboard
Diverse is Different Feral Dave Surfboards.
Dock's Locks  Unique surfboard lock and accessories
Dream Sessions Surfboard & Clothing Co. Newquay, UK
EML Sports Surfboards, news, reports, webcams .........
EvolutionSurf Evolution´s design philosophy, shaping the future.
Equinox Surfboards   Offers a full range of surfboards for all abilities
Extreme Sports Trader  Used snowboards, cheap surfboards, loads of second-hand equipment.
Firewire  Exponential improvements in surfboard performance through materials and construction.
Fluidconcept Boards & surfing info from Northeast Uk.
Foilz Surfboard Fins New fin design gives added speed, lift, control and response
Future Fins The new frontier for performance boards products. 
G & S Surfboards  Classic, modern designs rich in surf history.
Greg Noll official website for legend & shaper Greg Noll
Hawaiian Gun Racks handmade surfboard wallracks
Hawaii Surfboard Rentals Island board rentals with lots of perks
HBS Racks Specializes in storage & display racks for boards
Hug A Jug  Thermal insulated water jug for post-surf rinsing
KT Surf Custom Boards by shaped by leading experts, UK & Oz.
Kuntiqi  Ecological balsa wood surfboards
Omkara Surfboards Official website for Omkara Surfboards France 
Longboard Netherlands longboard skate & surf supplier
Mäki Longboards Custom hardwood skateboards, 100% handcrafted
Mana Moana Creating & producing surf boards & surf gear
Mark Phipps Shapes Boards & shapes for World Leaders.
Magma Labs Advanced traction, the union of Art & Technology.
Mckee Surf   Forward-thinking board shapes for surf, wake, snow & more
Mod Jewelry  Makers of rings, necklaces and more - all with a surf theme
Nice Rack  Racks for Surf, Snow & Wake boards
Power Source Surfboards  Irish Custom Shapes by Mark McGuire since 1988
Pukas Surf Boards & shapes since 1973 in Spain.
Primal Surfboards  Website specializing in the sale of surfboards over the internet.
Pro Hawaiian LLC  Hawaii-focused activities: Surfing, Mixed Martial Arts and Reggae
Rainbow Surfboards Re-evolution, founded by Johnny Gale 1969.
Red X Fins Corporate website for Redxfins system.
Revival Surfboard Art  Styling graphics and laminates for surfboards
Riley Classic Balsa Surfboards covering everything in balsa surfboards in Australia
Robert August surfboards of Endless summer repute 
RT Surfboards Serving Europe in all shapes and sizes.
Sea Specs Corporate website for extreme surf sunglasses.
Seabase   Surfboards, accessories, leashes, deck pads and other surf products in Europe
Second Hand Boards Used surfboards for the UK market
Shapers Australia Shaping tools, equipment and supplies.
Silverfish  Surf sunglasses, prescription and water eyewear for surfing.
Sol-life Surfboards Handshaped custom boards, Australia, USA, Europe.
Soul Stix Surfboards  High Performance designs by Jerry O'Keefe
Speeedfins Corporate website for Speeedfins.
Spider Surfboards Safari Surf Co, Spider performance surfboards.
Stickybumbs Traction added wax for all water temperatures.
Sun Sport Co  Block, hats, sunscreen - everything & more for uv protection in the water
Sunova Surfboards Official site with interactive features for choosing a surfboard
Surfboard Shack Best place in Hawaii for used surfboards.
Surfboard Warehouse Custom surfboards at your fingertips
Surfboardbid.com Surfboard auctions website (like E-Bay).
Surfboardshop Buy or sell any kind of surf craft.
Surfers Garage License plate frames and more out of San Clemente
Surfing Guide Australia One location to buy boards, learn to surf & more
Surfstickers Europe  Simply stickers for surfers
Surf DVD  Australia's largest selection of surf DVDs
Surf Muff the wetsuit for your ears (serious)
SurfShop.com  Life surfed one wave at a time SurfShop.com 
Surf Stickers Europe The name says it all
Tayurth JRV Surf Service  High quality surfboards for rent in Tenerife
Ten Over Longboards & Christian Surfboards located Oceanside Ca.
The Surf Shop NZ   Surf Shop New Zealand - all hardgoods plus large DVD selection
Tore Surfboards Hawaii Custom made surfboards by Kent Senatore
Toy Surfboard Custom shapes by French shaper Didier Damestoy.
Tubetime Surfboards  Surfboards shaped by Alan Colk on the Gold Coast Australia.
Urban Surfer  Surfboards & surf clothing from UK-based surf shop
Wavetools Surf Shop  Comprehensive range of surfing gear and accessories in the UK
Webber Surfboards Inspired by nature, refined by man.
Wetsuit Surfer  Online price & feature comparison of major brand wetsuits.

  - Surf Companies (Brands) - - -

Aleeda Corporate website. "Prograssive with our Products".
Animal Animal surfwear & accessories corporate website.
Antiqueda  Antiqueda Boarding company Europe.
Authentic Wavewear  Stylish net hub for T-Shirts, posters, boardshorts, etc.
Betty BeltsOcean-inspired accessories for girls & women.
Biarms Wetsuits Makers of the worlds best custom made wetsuits
Billabong Corporate website. Only surfers know the feeling.
Billabong Girls Corporate website for Billabong Girls events & wear.
Black Flys Corporate website fo Black Flys Eyewear & Flygirls.
Blue Skin Clothing on it's Road Trip into the World.
Bodyglove Corporate website for products, team, history etc.
Chickabiddy Surf & snowboard clothing by and for women.
Cool Shoe  Cutting edge shoe brand for Europe and beyond.
Cult Industries Corporate website, more info also at myspace.com/cultindustries
DaKine Corporate website for Dakine surf Company.
Divine Surf Design Surf apparel for the Soul Surfer 
Dylan and Kelsea  Limited edition surfwear from the UK
Ember USA  Corporate website & online store for surf clothing, gear, accessories
Glas Apparel and Films  Art driven, youth clothing, lifestyle company, with roots in board and film
Globe Time for a Change, Surf Skate apparal & footwear
Gotcha Corporate & international website for Gotcha.
Grommies UK based company focusing solely on kids surf wear
Gul  UK wetsuit and clothing company with rich history
Hands Off Surfing Mens & Womens lines from Brazil
Hang Ten Wetsuits and accessories, corporate website.
HIC Corporate website for Hawaiian Islands Creations.
Hours Apparel United Kindom surf brand forging forward
Hurley International Corporate website. "Freedom of Choice".
Iamwhy Clothing  Cornwall-based surf, skate and style company
Inkwell Cutting edge style & design surf clothing company
Irish Surf Culture Inspired by Europes best waves
Kamaaina Creations the coolest Hawaiin surfwear
Kangaroo Poo Surfwear & urbanwear for everyone
Kold Water Krew Surf company/East Coast Surf.
KT Surf Surfwear and Surfboards UK and Australia.
Kickasss Official website for the three S brand, Anglet France.
Life's Rad  T-Shirts and products emblazoned with words 'Life's Rad.'
Liquid Militia Clothing brand that supports all areas of water sports.
Lizzard Corporate website. "creators of extraordinary amphibious gear".
Localmotion Corporate website. "The Hawaiian Surf Company".
LostBoyz UK-based online shop specializing in ethos wear
Lost Enterprises Corporate website. "Dysfunctional design & more".
Mada Europe Corporate website for Mada in Europe
Mambo Corporate website. "Surf and Streetwear Company".
Maui & Sons Surfwear corporate website, home of "Sharkman".
Mchillada  accessories for living and lifestyle
Mormaii Corporate website for Mormaii Wetsuits Brazil.
Mundaka Optical Design Official website for Mundaka Optical products
Nudge Boardwear Surf clothes from South Africa's surfwear label Nudge
Nine Plus Corporate website for Nine Plus Surfing Company.
Oakley Corporate website for Oakley Mens & Womens products & news
Offshore Longboard clothing company from Australia Offshore Boardrider.
O´Neill Europe Corporate website for European events & products.
Op Corporate website for Ocean Pacific "The original".
Oxbow Corporate website. Sponsors of "World longboard Championships".
Quiksilver Corporate website for "The Boardriding Company".
Rapanui Ethical fashion, natural organic fabrics from UK company
Reef Corporate website for Reef "Always On".
Rietveld USA Corporate website for Rietveld USA, Surf-Art and products.
Rip Curl Corporate website for Rip Curl "The search never ends".
Roxy Girls Corporate website for Roxy Girls events, product & more.
Rusty Corporate website for Rusty, surfboards & clothing.
Rx66 Surf & Custom Surfing Company
SaltRock Corporate website for the Saltrock Surfing Company.
Saltwater Dreaming Corporate website for this Thailand Surf Gear company.
Sanyama Surf clothing line from Sweden
Schultz Surf Corporate website for Schultz Surf Company, San Diego.
Severe Website of Severe Boardgear, "Tired of being pushed around".
Slab Australian Clothing and Surfboards online shop
Sola Corporate website for Sola Performance Wetsuits.
Solsurfer Corporate website for Solsurfer "Its a lifestyle".
Split Corporate website. "Apparel for your boardsport lifestyle".
Starfish Corporate website. "The Tokolosh made me do it".
Staunch Clothing Scottish core brand from Edinburgh
Surf Prevention  The French Website about the Surfer's Health and Safety
Surfco Corporate website. "Fins, Boardbags, & Accessories".
SurfCult Corporate website. "Time & Vision. See the future".
Surfer Baby  All manner of baby items with a surf theme
Surf Ideology online Spanish surf shop from tees to boards
The Ryde Surf clothing, surfing apparel and lifestyle t-shirts
Tidal Clothing  Clothing line and online store with favorite surf fashions
Ten Over Original old skool designs on hi-quality materials for surfers
The Hawaiian Shirt Company vintage Hawaiian & Aloha shirts
Toes on the Nose  Dedicated to the history and soul of surfing
Tower Paddleboards  SUP manufacturer offering direct pricing on stand up paddle boards
US Girls Hawaii Originators of Womens Surf Apparel, + News
Used California Boards Premier buy and sell website for used surfboards
Vans  European corporate website for classic surf/skate brand.
Voodoo Dolls Int´l womens wear company based on Gold Coast.
Waveloch Corporate website. Designers of "Engineered Waves".
Wet Dreams Corporate website for Wet Dreams International from WA.
Yournotborninabox Unbrand t-shirt aesthetics
ZeroTwo Corporate website for Zerotwo Riderwear Company
Zoo Zoo 2 Organic cotton Surfwear, surfing t-shirts 

  - Surf Shops - - -
Action & Fashion Brazilian-based online shop for all things surf
AntiAppapel  AntiApparel represents hard-to-find, core surf and skate brands
AquaticWear Online facility for wide range of products
Beach Beau UK bikini & women's boardies retailer
Better Surf Than Sorry  Surf-themed items rangin from signs to rugs and beyond
Big Wednesday United Kingdom based Online Surf Shop
Blue Tomato  International surf & snow shop with top brands & products
Board Ride  Japan-based specialist of surf hard, soft goods
Boardrecycler Online marketplace for buyers and sellers of used boards, gear, art & more
Boardriders Guide  UK-based shop for snow, skate, surf goods
Boardztrader.com  Classifieds for new and used surfboards
California Surf Co  Online source for surf goods.
Calusa  South Wales based surf and ski ecommerce site
Chelston Direct  Online surf shop based in Somerset, UK
Chubbysurf  Ventura-based sellers of used and vintage surfboards
Costa Rica Surf Club Premier Surf camp and Surf Shop in Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Dean Miller Surf bedding and Hawaiian style prints
Deeply.se  Swedish shop for all things kite, snow, skate and surf
Eco Surf Project Environmentally-friendly surf gear and surf wear
Extreme Horizon Online Surfshop run by surfers for surfers
Freakfish Surf Shop Surfboards, Wetsuits, Accessories, apparel
Girls4Sport Performance fashion & style for active girls
Great Australian Surfboard Sale Uniting shapers to surfers with free unlimited classifieds
Green Surf Shop  Online eco-friendly surf shop catering to the eco-minded surfer
Gul  UK wetsuit and clothing company with rich history
Hunter UK store featuring all major surf brands including Hunter
Ickle Starfish online surf shop for kids aged 2 - 14
Jet Scene The UK's local surf shop with free delivery
Kama'aina Creations Celebrate surf culture with innovative, eco-friendly clothing
Kamalii Style, (Va) A full range girls surf boutique.
Last Wave  The largest online collection of classic surfwear
Laguna Surf Shop  Online source for surf clothing and surfing news
MFC Surf  Quality custom surf t-shirts, music and artwork
Mexpipe  Puerto Escondido inspired line of products
My Surf Brands reviews the hottest new products
Northshore  Lajares/Fuerteventura shop and factory
OC Surf Sport  Provides surf lessons at the world famous Doheney State Beach
Rad Dad Surf oragnic gear for the surfing dad
Revolution Surf Company Surf, Skate & Snow shop
Roksport Surf  Mens and ladies surfwear from the major brands
Rushbox Online surf shop serving UK with all top brands
S4L.com is the online Action Sports and Life Style Outlet
Saltwater Dreams Online e-commerce trading and shopping.
San Clemente Surf & Skate Supply locally owned & operated
Seabase Ltd  UK based shop specializing in high-end boards
Sideways  Stocking a large, inexpensive surfboard range of boards in Australia
SofaSurfer Dutch Surf Webshop, DVDs, boards, accessories etc
Soledad Surf Co. Surf shops located in South Carolina, Peru, and the web
South Coast Surf Women’s surf apparel & accessories
SouthPacificSurfShop.com  online global surf shop specializing in surf gear and accessories.
Spyder Surf Shop (Fra) Suppyiing boards from various shapers
Styletraders Exclusively Brazilian surfwear, European online store
Surf Safe - Security products for surfers
Surfer Shot Shop  Selection of water sports gear, surf products and surf apparel for the ocean minded
Surffashion.co.uk Surf clothes & festival gear, surf, skate and snow hardware.
Surfing-Gear.net  Guide to surfboards, wetsuits, fins, and all surfing gear.
Surfingproducts.com Surfing products and accessories
Supertubes Truro's surfing hardware specialist
Surf Shack Surfboardfurnishings Surfboard inspired furniture 
Surfing N Stuff Surf gear and clothing for male and female surfers
Texas Gulf Coast Surfing All the things you need for surfing in Texas
Tiki Online Surf Shop surfboards, wetsuits, and surfwear in the UK.
Trade Extreme  Buy, sell, trade surfboards, clothing and anything Extreme Sports related
Trade Winds Surf  Buy and sell anything surf at this online shop.
Troggs, (IRL) Surfboards, wetsuits, guys & girls clothing, ship worldwide.
Tsunami Surf-Skate-LIfestyle  OC-based shop with lots of gear
Wicked Quiver (NY) Qulity surf gear & resources for the travelling surfer 
West Coast Surfer Girls  California-based online resource for Wahines
Woody´s Surf Shop (NY) Clinics, lessons, Surfboards, wetsuits, events & more. 
Women's Board Shorts Online source for all women's boardies

  - Surf Forecasts, Surf-cams & Reports - - - 
Africa Extensive Surf Reports & Forecasts.
Australasia Most extensive Surf Reports & Forecasts.
Bennis.Nu  Forecast for the coast of France for your PDA or mobile
CFL Waves Daily Surf Report from Central Florida
CR Surf Costa Rica´s Weekly Surf Report.
Daily Surf  UK based hub of UK reports, cams and news
EI Live Surf Emerald Isle NC full weather station
Elporto Surf reports for Southern California
Europe Most extensive Surf Reports & Forecasts.
Figueira Surf Center Surf School and Surf Camp in Portugal
GalizaSurf Surfcam Patos Beach, Galiza NW Spain
Getaforecast Big G´s accurate European Surf Forecasts.
Gwithian Lines Daily photos & surf report of Gwithian, UK
Hawaii Extensive Aloha Surf Reports & Forecasts.
Hawaii Surf News Surf ReportsNews from the Big Island.
Hurricane Center NOAA; Atlantic, Caribbean, E. Pacific.
Jax Pier Webcam & forecast for Jacksonville Beach Pier  Fla.
Jupiter Surf Daily Surf Report & lots more from Jupiter Inlet, Fla.
Liquid Element  Surf conditions for southeast Florida from Miami to Juniper
Peru Azul La primera pagina web del surf peruano
Portugal Surftotal surf-report for all spots.
SurfJaxPier Surf forecasts for Jackson Pier FL.
South Padre Webcam & surfing info for South Padre Is. Tx.
Surfcamsbop A good selection of webcams in New Zealand
Surf.co.nz  More webcams from across New Zealand
Surfer 64 Photos Videos Surf Reports daily / Anglet France.
Surfhog Surf forecast for Cornwall + picture diary
Surforecasts.com Surfing conditions/forecasts for the world.
SURFit Surf Reports daily / Australia.
Surf.Spots French site with guide to 2,500 links
Surfstar  Global hub for surf cameras, reports and more.
Surfwise  North LA County surf and water quality report
The Science of Surfing Wave prediciton simplified.
Typhoon Warning Center Pacific & Indian Oceans.
UK Met Office Government site, weather reports/forecasts
WaveCam Italy Surf cams, pictures and news from Italy
Waves Brazil Top surf forecasts for Brazil.
World of Waves Wave height reporting & forecasting

  - Surfer´s Websites - - -

Adi Gluska Official website for Israel´s Pro Surfer Adi Gluska.
A.J. Sehorn Official website for Santa Cruz Pro Surfer AJ Sehorn.
Anthony Walsh Official website for Lennox Qld. Surfer Anthony Walsh.
Armando Daltro Official website for Brazilian Pro Surfer Armando Daltro.
Ben Haworth Official website for longboarder Ben Haworth
Buzzy Kerbox Official website for legendary surfer Buzzy Kerbox.
Carlos Burle Official website for Brazil´s Big-Wave World Champion.
Cheyne Horan Official website for the Aussie Big-Wave surfer.
CJ Hobgood 2001 ASP World Champion CJ Hobgood´s offical site.
Conquilha  Portuguese site with everything about wind/kitesurfing.
Dan Moore Outereef : Official website for Dan Moore, Tow-in surfer.
Darrick Doerner Official website for Darrick Doerner Tow-in surfer.
Dewey Weber Dewey Weber legendary hotshot surfer from the 1960´s.
Dion Ahern Dion Ahern hot young gun Kiwi surfer.
Donavonf Official website for Donavon Frankenreiter, Pro Surfer/Musician.
Fabio Gouveia Official website for Fabio Gouveia, Pro Surfer, Brazil.
Gabe Davies Pro Surfer, Journalist, Videographer, "Angel of the North".
Garrett McNamara Pro Surfer Hawaii, Big-Wave World Champion 2002.
Gary Chapman longboard surfing legend from California.
Glisseeurope  European website dedicated to all things glisse
Heather Clark Official website of one of South Africa's best surfers
Holly Beck  Videos, photos and thoughts from one of California's best
Ikaika Kalama Pro Surfer Hawaii, Tow-in partner to Garrett McNanmara
Jake Paterson Official website for "Jake the Snake" Paterson, WCT surfer.
Jamie O´Brien Pro Surfer Hawaii, USA´s future in surfing.
Jarrod Howse Official website for this Aussie Pro Surfer.
Jed Stone Official website for the UK's original working pro...
Jodie Nelson Official website for Pro Women Surfer Jodie Nelson.
Johnny Abegg official website for this for Pro surfer and film-maker.
Josh Lewan Official website for this Aussie Pro Surfer on World Circuit
Julia Christian WCT Professional Surfer Julia Christian, official website.
Kahea Hart Official website for Kahea Hart surfer plus .....
Kelly Slater Official website for 6 time World Champion Kelly Slater.
Ken Bradshaw Ken Bradshaw Pro Surfer/Big-Wave surfer, official website.
Kim Hamrock Official website for Kim Hamrock World Champion Pro Surfer.
Kim Wooldridge Official website for Kim Wooldridge Pro Woman Surfer.
Laird Hamilton. Official website for Laird Hamilton Big Wave guru.
Lane Davey  Official website for Hawaiian ripper Lane Davey
Lincoln Eather. Official website for Pro Surfer Lincoln Eather.
Lopez Brothers. Official website for Cory Lopez and Shea Lopez USA.
Love Hodel. Official website for Love Hodel North Shore surfer.
Malia Jones. Fan site for Malia Jones surfer and model.
Matty Liu. Official website for North Shore surfer Matty Liu.
Megan Abubo. Official website for Megan Abubo ASP WCT surfer.
Michel Larronde. Official website for Michel Larronde Big-Wave surfer.
Mor Meluka Official website for Israel's 2004 Junior Champion
Nick Tiscoe Official website for UK surfer Nick Tiscoe
Nikita Robb Official website for South Africa's Nikita Robb.
Peter Mel. Official website for Peter Mel Big-Wave charger.
Ray Gleave. Official website for Ray Gleave Australian longboarder.
Rochelle Ballard. Official spot for Rochelle Ballard, bio, photos, camp etc.
Serena Brooke. Official spot for Serena Brooke, top women surfer.
Shaun Alladio. Big Wave Surfing rescue - K38 Water Safety.
Stacey Guy  Official site for South African girl storm Stacey Guy
Veronica Kay. Official home for Roxy Surf Supermodel Veronica Kay.
Westsurfing  West Oz soul site with vast online community
Zahn Foxton. Official webpage for Australian Zahn Foxton.

  - Surfing Magazines and Journals - - -

3 Sesenta  Spanish language surf mag with extensive web content
7 Sky Magazine Ecolution publication in French, Deutsch & English
Adrenalin Israeli Magazine covering Surf and Exteme sports.
African Surfrider Core South African print publication
AllAboutSurf Online surf magazine, articles, photos, trips. etc.
Australia's Surfing Life Leading monthly Aussie surf magazine
Carve Surfing Mag The UK's leading surf coverage monthly
Curl Magazine New Zealand mag dedicated to Girls & Womens surfing
Eastern Surf Magazine Surfing's best east of the Rockies
Enjoy Riding Girls Magazine  Surf, snow, skate, lifestyle and fashion for her.
Fins Magazine Multi discipline boardsports mag, Ireland & Europe
Fluid Magazine Top quality production, photos, articles, Elko is editor
Get Washed European based online surfing magazine, 4 languages.
Girl Power Dedicated Girls surf magazine in French ooh la la.
Gold Coast Surf Magazine  Oz's Gold Coast brought to life in glossy pages.
Granazulmagazine.com online surf magazine of Spain
Huck Magazine European lifestyle mag specializing in boardsports
isurfDV-zine Australia's First DVD Surfing Magazine
Juice Magazine covering punk rock, skate and surfing
Liquid DVD French surfing & travel magazine & DVD
Liquid Mag Online Creative core articles give a good read  
LIWA DVD Mag Europe´s 1st Surf DVD Magazine in English/Castellano.
Magazines Guide A Surfersvillage directory of surfing magazines 
Movement Aussie bodyboarding magazine top quality images.
Nalu Underground featuring boardriders in Hawaii and USA
Natural Magazine  Print & Online digital surfing magazine in Spanish
Paddle Boarding Magazine  One Place for Everything PaddleBoarding
PitPilot Magazine dedicated to UK surfing by surfers.
Planeta Surf Mexican surf magazine local & int´l content.
Reef Magazine  Latin American digital publication with focus on things Reef
Revolt Magazine Everything for Italian and World surfing 
Riptionary The comprehensive online Surf Lingo Dictionary.
Saltwater Girl South Africa's magazine for girls & surfingi
Sarge´s Daily Surf Online journal of Surf photographer/Journalist Sarge.
She Rips Online digital magazine for girls & womens surfing.
Surfbooks The World´s resource for collectible surfing literature.
Surfer´s Path The world’s only dedicated surf travel magazine.
Surfermag Online home of Surfer, USA focused surf magazine.
Surfersmag  Germany’s national surfing magazine
Surferos Online surfing & extreme magazine in Spanish language.
SurfEurope Europe-wide magazine avilable in several languages.
Surf Girl  UK Surf Magazine focussed only on Girls Surfing
Surfhumor Disregard anything serious associated with surfing.
SurfNews Magazine Free Nationwide USA gloss surf magazine.
SurfMag  Online surf news magazine based in Poland
Surf Session Surf Session Magazine, France, news articles weather etc.
Surf Time Free magazine distributed 3 times/year in France
Surfing Life Australia´s Surfing Life magazine, preview mag content & more.
Surfingthemag Online home for the USA focused Surfing Magazine.
Surfing World  Australia's oldest surf magazine.
ThreeSixty UK Bodyboarding Magazine with international coverage
Tracksmag Australian surfing magazine Tracks, "The Surfers Bible".
Trip-Surf Trip-Surf Magazine, France, surfez les meilleures vagues du monde.
UnderGround Free All-Surf Mag for San Diego/Orange County, California, USA.
Water Magazine Quarterly, interviews, profiles, travel & features, surf culture .
Wavelength Top quality sSurfing magazine in England, 9 issues/year.
Wavelog Surfing journal tracks surf conditions at home or abroad.
Wet Magazine Specialist womens surfing magazine published quarterly
Wide World Mag Adventure / outdoor sport magazine based in the UK
X-Elements Multi discipline magaizine produced in England
Zig Zag South African surfing magazine providing top coverage.

  - Surfing Organisations & Associations - - -

APSPR  The official site for the Association of Professional Surfers of Puerto Rico
Official website of Association of Surfing Professionals.
BCSA British Columbia Surfing Association, Canada.
Big Stick Surfing Association Promoting the art of longboard surfing.
Board-Europe.com SPL GLisse (boardridingsports Cluster)
Boreriders Official website of Severn Bore Riding Club.
C.O.L.C. The Coalition of Surfing Clubs.
Comité Côte Basque de Surf Surfing in Basque Country France.
Cult Aid  Cult Industries' program helping Indonesians end poverty
Dee Why oldest surfing fraternity in Australia
Delmarva ESA  Official website for Deleware, Maryland body of the ESA
DWV German Surfing Association
E.S.A. Official website for Eastern Surfing Association.
East Coast Wahines Homepage of the East Coast Wahine Championships.
EHSF Euskal Herriko Surf Federazioa.Basque Surfing Federation
E.S.F. Official website for European Surfing Federation.
EuroSIMA. Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (Europe).
FSCR Federacion de Surfing Costa Rica, Central America
Federacion de Surf Puerto Rico  Puerto Rico's umbrella organization
Federación Española de Surf Official website of Spanish Surfing Federation 
Federation Francaise de Surf Official site for competitive surfing in France
Groundswell Society
Society dedicated to global surfriding.
H.L.F. Official website for Hawaiian Longboard Federation.
Indonesian Pro Surfing Tour  The ISC is the sanctioning body for professional surfing in Indonesia.
Irish Surfer Independant Irish Surfers website
ISA Official website of International Surfing Association.
ISF Official website of Interscholastic Surfing Federation.
IWS International Womens Surfing supporting womens surfing 
JLRA Official website of Jersey Longboard Riders Association.
NSSA Official website of National Scholistic Surfing Association.
PSTA Official website of Pro Surfing Tour of America.
Quiksilver Initiative dedicated to environmental protection
RAMP Cycling  Recreation for people with disabilities
SALSA South Africa Longboard Surfing Association
S.A.S. Official website of Surfers against Sewage.
Save The Waves Coalition dedicated to preserving surf spots
SDSL Official website for San Diego Surf Ladies Organisation.
SIMA. Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (USA).
Surf-Aid Dedicated to providing medical aid to indigenous people.
Surfing Australia Official website for Surfing in Australia.
Surfing Barbados Official website for Barbados Surfing Association.
Surfing Benelux Benelux Surfing Association oOfficial website.
Surfing Britain Official website for British Surfing Association.
Surfing BC Official website for British Columbia Surfing Association.
Surfing Channel Islands Official website for Channel Islands Surfing Federation.
Surfing Costa Rica Official website for Federation of Surfing Costa Rica
Surfing Ecuador Official website of Ecuador´s Surfing Federation, FESURF.
Surfing Euskadi Euskadi Surfing Federation website in Basque language.
Surfing France Official website of Federation Francaise de Surf.
Surfing Germany Official website for Deutsche Wellenreit Verband
Surfing Ireland Information website for Irish Surfing Association.
Surfing Israel Official website of Israel Surfing Association.
Surfing Japan Official website of Nippon Surfing Association.
Surfing Jersey Official website of Jersey Surfboard Club.
Surfing Mexico Website for Federacion Mexicana de Surfing.
Surfing Morocco Information website Surfing in Morocco.
Surfing New Zealand Information website Surfing in New Zealand.
Surfing Portugal Official website of Portuguese Surfing Federation.
Surfing Switzerland Official website of Swiss Surfing Association.
Surfing Tahiti Official website for Federation Tahitienne de Surfing.
Surfing Thailand Unofficial website for Thailand Surfing.
Surfing UruguayOfficial website of Union de Suerf del Uruguay.
Surfing USSF Official website of United States Surfing Federation.
Surfing Wales Official website of Welsh Surfing Federation.
Surfsolidaire Organisation providing used surf equipment to developing nations.
Texas Gulf Coast Surfing All the things you need for surfing in Texas
Western Surfing Association West Coast regional member of Surfing America
Womens Sports Foundation Dedicated to Womens Surfing and all womens sports.
Welsh Surfing Federation Official website for the Welsh Surfing Federation activities
Western Surfing Association Oldest amateur surfing association in the world 

  - Surf Trips, Travel, Schools & Camps info - - -
360 Surf Camp Costa Rica's learn-to-surf-camp in Tamarindo
Adventure Ireland Surf and cultural camp for teens in Ireland 
Amigosurfmexico  Surfing charters & Surf camp in  Banderas Bay - Punta de Mita - Puerto Vallarta - Mexico
Art Surf Camp Six years of Surf in Razo, Galicia Spain

Asu Paradise (Indo) Surf resort at Asu Island, Nias Region, Nth Sumatra.
Atlantic Riders Travel hub for global destinations
Azucar Surf All girls surf retreat off the coast of Panama
Baleal Surf Camp Prime beach-side location in Peniche Portugal
Baleal Rentals  Provides self catering accommodation in Baleal, a small village north of Peniche
Bahia Surf Camp  Pionner Surfcamp in North Bahia directed by former pro and local
Bali Surfing & Kitesurfing Site  Bali Surfing, Kitesurfing by Ika's Blue Oasis Beach Club.
Bali Surf Camp Surf camp and surf school guiding surfers throughout Bali
Barley Cove Surf Camp Surf School located in West Cork, Ireland
Barrel Hunters  Surf tours in Mainland Mexico.
Beach Bum Find accommadation near your favorite surfing spots in South Africa
Billabong Clipper official website for this Airborne Adverture Surf Project
Biarritz Surf Training  Surf and bodyboard school for all levels of surfers and all ages
Blue Lagoon Surf  Surf school based at Sennen Cove, Cornwall
Blue Surf Sanctuary Coed surf camp in Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula.
Brazil Surf Travel Dedicated to offering the best experience in Bazil.
Bali Waves Details, information and surf reports from Bali.
Brazil Surfing Holidays  Brazil's best waves and VIP nightlife with Nexus Surf!
British Virgin Islands Spot by spot guide through the BVIs.
Calima Surf Surfers accomodation & school Famara Lanzarote
Canary Is Surf Acadamy Surf coaching & warm water on Hawaii of Europe
Cape Verde Holiday  Guide to watersports, luxury hotels and apartments
Capo Verde News all the info needed for surfing Cape Verde Islands
Careca Surf Camp located in Portugal at Figueira da Foz (3 languages)
Costa Rica Surf spot description for all Costa Rica.
Costa Rica Surf Club Premier Surf camp and Surf Shop in Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Curl Curl Surf Weekend UK surf breaks. Stay at an organic farm in Devon.
Donegal Adventure Centre Surfcamp & School in Bundoran Ireland
Downhill Adventures Large outfit leading outdoor adventure activities in Cape Town
Durban Surf 2016  Durban and other South African Cities: Joanesburgh, Durban and the Cap

East London Sth. Afr. Dawn Patrol Surf-guide services.
Eco-Innovation Tours Specializing in surfing, cultural, and ecological tours in Peru
Encanta La Vida Jungle Adventure Lodge at Pan Dulce Costa Rica
Exelements UK-based extreme sports camp
L-m-ents Fully catered chalet activity holidays, SW France
Local Beach Hotels  Online guide to California hotels
El Palmer Surf SChool Surf school in Andalucia, South of Spain
Extreme Algarve  Package trips in Portugal for all extreme sports.
Extreme Holidays Surf & extreme sports in Canary Islands.
Figueira Surf Center  Surf School and Surf Camp in Portugal
First Wave Surf Camp 7 day camp for beginners in Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Floripa Surf Camp  Exotic Brazilian camp in the state of Santa Catarina
Freeride Sagres Surfcamp & school in the Algarve Portugal.
G Land Surf Camp Adventure in lifetime, a great place to stay
G-Land Jungle Surf Camp Camp website & information + info on Indonesia.
Girls Who Surf  A Site for Women Surfers and Wahines.
Green Iguana Surf Camp  Costa Rica Surfing School, Green Iguana Surf Camp
Hawaiimode  Hawaii's Japanese-English bilingual information site
Homeless Surfcamp Located in the Algarve Portugal - year round.
Horny Head Surf Camp, tours, & school in Portugal & beyond.
Indo Surf & Lingo Top guidebook to surfing Indo by Peter Neely.
Indonesian Surfaris Excursions throughout Indo, as well as camps and resorts
Islandmon.com Puerto Rico surf trip
Kima Surf Multi-lingual surf-guides & surfaris in Bali.
Kima Surfaris No 1 of the top ten best surf camps in the World
East Sumba resorts Manggudu indonesia 8 guest maximum
Learn Spanish and Surf  Like the name suggest, learn Spanish and surf
M Sports Surf Camp Offering surf lessons in Holland, The Netherlands
Maldives Tourism Promotion Board The most informative site for Maldives travel
Manggudu Island Resort/Camp Indo, excellent uncrowded waves
Manly Surf Guide Offering surf-day trips along Sydney's beautiful Northern Beaches.
Maui Luna Lodge rental house in Maui for Surfers/Windsurfers
Mentawai Sanctuary Surf the Mentawais on experienced charter boats.
Mentawai Surf Charters Surf Heaven on Naga Laut in the Mentawais.
Mentawai Syndicate  Travel group focused on sustainable trips through the islands
Mexbound  Mexican auto insurance and other Mexico travel needs
Moana Lanui beachfront house for six on the North Shore Oahu 
Montanita Spanish School combine learning Spanish with great beaches and surf
Morewaves.com  Coaching & lessons for skate, surf and SUP
Newquay's Finest  Hotel, club guide with surfing resources.
Nexus Surf  High-end surf adventure vacations to beautiful Florianopolis Brazil
Nathon's Hostel Hostel for surfers & partiers, Costa Rica
Nomad Surfers Extreme Sports in the most Exotic Destinations in the World.
Mexico Surfing Santa Cruz Surf Tours, all services for surfers.
My Surf Coach  UK based program offers coaching, lessons to all
Padang Padang Surf Camp Bali Balinese surf camp, run by surfers for surfers
Panama Morro Negrito Morro Negrito Surfcamp, Latin breaks, boats, adventure & more.
Peniche Surf Camp located at Portugal's most consistent surf spot
Popoyo Rentals Nicaraguan surf rentals
Portugal Surftotal guide to beaches and spots.
Puerto Connection All the info you need for Puerto Escondido, Mexico.
Punta Brava Lodge  Located right directly in front of Santa Catalina Surf Break in Panama
Premiere Holidays  Places to stay around the globe.
Pure Vacations Break free.............. take a surf or snow trip
Red Star Surf  Surf and Yoga Camp in Lanzarote 
Sagres Surfcamp Surfers accomodation, surf-school, & trips
Saltwater Dreaming Complete info for Surfing in Thailand.
Seenotjens info for surfing in Germany in sea and rivers
Shaka Surf Camp  Costa Rica outfit offerind learn-to-surf packages and yoga
Simeulue Island Baneng Simeulue Resort, Sumatra, Indo.
Soulsurfcamp Surf trips located in Brazil Itacare-Bahia Estamos.
Soul Surfers Online Windsurfing and surfing vacation guide
South African Surfing Experience Surfing guides and camps.
Southern Comfort  Jeffrey's Bay travel group
Star Ocean Dive & Surf Surf and dive operator based in Padang West Sumatra Indonesia
Starfish Surfcamp Starfish Surfcamp, Jeffreys Bay, South Africa.
Stormrider Surfcamp  Luxurious Bali camp offering many amenities.
Surf'Inn Travel camps in Portugal and Morocco for all levels
Surf Algarve  Surf and yoga camp in Portugal with rustic eco setting
Surf Aljezur Portugal  All the info you need to visit Aljezur
Surf and Sail  Yatch adventure & surf trip in the Mentawais with Teiki
Surf Berbere Surfing lesson in Morocco, accommodation and all levels surf courses in Taghazout
Surf Camp Holiday   Surf trips and adventure holidays around the world
Surf Camp Online Surfcamp Holidays worldwide with a focus on Europe and the Canary Islands
Surf Camp Pipa Brazil Surf in a tropical paradise with dolphins 
Surf Canarias Calima Surf Escuela de surf & Kiteboarding
Surf Charter Mentawai Surf and dive operator based in Padang West Sumatra Indonesia
Surf Camp Sopelana
Surf camp in the Spanish Basque Country
Surf Dive Fiji Surfing & Diving specialists in Fiji
Surf Honeys Exclusive Women’s Surf Safaris in Ireland.
Surf in Baja The best place to find information on surfing in Baja at San Diego
Surf in Spain  Spain-based global travel outfit
Surf Maroc Moroccos premier surf camp
Surf Spots GPS Global site for all things surf related
Surf NZ A guide to surfing in New Zealand
Surf The Earth Surf travel & trips to Everywhere on Earth.
Surf Travel Company  Surf charter vessels, surf camps and surf resort in surf rich areas
Surf Valencia Surf in the Valencian Community, Spain.
Surf With Holly Beck Central American surf & yoga retreat for women of all levels, ages
Surfcamps Online Guide to surfcamps worldwide
Surfed Out Surfers accomadation in the UK.
SurfersPassage 3 surfers around-the-world surf-trip, live online.
Surfing Atlas  Global surf guide with extensive spot details
Surfing DR All you need to know for surfing Dominican Republic.
Surfing Panama A guide to waves and surf-camps in Panama
Surfing Peru Surf Guides, accomodation and trips to over 50 spots in Peru.
Surfinn Travel  Surf Camps "The best choice for your surf holidays"
Surflane  Japan surf travel site 'Surfing Around The World'
Surfschool Gijon  Extensive camp and school located in Gijon Spain
Surfshelter  Global site coordinating surf and accomodation information.
Swap Travel  Agency whose motto is  'Surfing with a purpose'
Swansea Surf School  Gower, S Wales based BSA approved school. 
Swellwomen Surf camp on Maui for women including yoga & lessons
Taghasout.com  Source for all things surf in Morocco
Taghasout Morocco good information for surfers visiting this region 
Thailand Action Adventure Sports website for action sports in Thailand
The Spot Morocco Surf holidays in Morocco - Accommodation, lessons, guiding & more.
The Surf Experience Spectacular year-round surfing in South West Portugal
Third World Productions Helping travellers in Costa Rica, surfcamps, guides, etc.
Ticket To Ride Gap year surfing adventures round South Africa
Tico Travel Costa Rica & Latin Aamerica specialists (Surfing).
Torquay/Bells Beach Torquay / Bells and The Great Ocean Road, Victoria Australia.
Towsurfingadventures.com Raising the Towsurfing experience level.
Travel Expert Travel directory, products and service
Turf'n'Surf Bundoran Surf school and hostel in Bundoran Ireland
United Surf Camps Book a surf camp vacation online
WannasurfWorld Surf Atlas, 78 countries, 198 regions 218 maps, 2458 spots.
Waterways Surf Adventures  Specializing in packages designed to bring you the best surf.
Waves of Morocco Morocco´s Surfing website.
Waves Hunters Japan Surf report/travel info for Chiba & elsewhere.
Where to Surf information source for surfing in Australia
Winter Waves Surfing powerful winter waves in Andalusia, Spain.
World Sea Corporation Tokyo travel agency specializing in surf trips
Zarautz Surf Camp  School and camp in the heart of Basque country Spain
Zoco Boardriding adventures (Canary Islands) Lanzarote Surfaris, camps, surf-adventures.
Zoco Boardriding Adventures (Global) Surf camps & holidays, surf & yoga, surfaris
Zopilote surfcamp Playa Hermosa de Cobano Costa Rica

  - Surf Photographers - - -

51773 Photo Your friendly neighborhood surf photographer in Huntington Beach
Adam Albertini Longboard contest photographer, SurfCDs available 
Adam Lewis: Surf and snow photography, galleries, news and articles
Aichner Productions: Scott Aichner surf photographer, galleries ettc.
Allan Weisbecker: Official website, In Search of Captain Zero.
Alex Williams website of Alex Williams, surf photographer
Andrew Christie: Official website for Andrew Christe Photography.
Anglet Surf Photo: Photos of the Basque Coast, waves, surfing, longboard etc.
Anthony  Ghiglia  Official website for Anthony Ghiglia Photography
Art Brewer: Art Brewer Photo, the Dean of surf shooting.
Banzai Surfing: Banzai Productions, video & film producers, Hawaii.
Barefoot Media: Home of Surfing photo-journalist Jim Mitchell 
Beachlook: Steven Kornreich photography, Jaws & Lanes, Maui.
Bernard Testemale  French photographer with deft action and profile images.
Catts Pics  Digital photography for a digital age by Cyndy Payne, Tom Latta
Calasurfpix: photography site by Tim Montag-Local surfers at local breaks.
Celso Pereira Jr Specialist in images from California & Northeast Brazil.
Chappypix: Greg Chapman, South African photographer. Galleries etc.
Cunningham Photos Carol Cunningham North Shore Oahu photographer.
Damien Poullenot  Website for premiere European photographer
Extreme Board Shots  Devon based company, specialising in South West born surf photos.
Extreme Sports Movies The most extreme sports movies on the web.
Freedom Surf: Kieth Perkins photo services San Diego/Orange County.
Gallery 808 Hawaii's online surfing magazine & photo galleries
GreenFlashPhoto: Sean Davey photographer - surf and ocean.
Greene Studios: Scott Greene Photography - G Studios.
Hot Shotz  Pavones-specific images, surf report and crazines daily
Islandmon.com Aguadilla Surf Photos
jBaySurfCam.com Photography by Paul van Jaarsveld.
J-Bay Surf Art & Photography  Jeffreys Bay website by Garth Robinson
Jack English  Premier shooter of artful surf action
Jason Feast  Action, portrait & commercial photographer
Joe Curren Photography Pro surfer Joe Curren´s gallery & news.
Joem Costes  SurferPix, fresh images from the Islands and beyond.
Jordan Weeks Surfing photography worldwide from this Cornishman.
Keppler Photo: Official website & galleries for John Keppler.
Litepixels Official website of photographer David Croxford
Mangan, Ray Maui photographer shooting windsurf, surf, people, art and life
Matthias Le Touso: Specialist in France & Territories.
Matty Foto US photographer with global perspective
Mortaury Porto Filho Waves Brazil photographer and writer
My Surfing Pictures Huntington Beach based photographer Jesse
Narbe Testamale-Photos Official website for Berndard Testamale Photos
North Shore Power Portfolios: Mark Berkowitz photograher - official website.
Off the Lip  Tim Pafitt photos specializing in surfing in Wales
Paul Topp  Surf and nature photography
Pavones Hot Shotz - Go Donkey Go! - Surf Photography
PhotoRepetto: Guiiseppe Repetto Italian Surf Photographer.
Pacific Surf Gallery : Rob Gillet Photography, superb galleries .
Ron Dahlquist : Ron Dahlquist Photography based in Hawaii.
Paul Ferraris: Paul Ferraris photography - surfing, surf-trips, travel etc.
RCPphoto: Ramón C Purcell Photography, Capturing Surfers in their true light.
Rick Doyle: In the can & in your hand in San Diego.
Rok Ma photography, communication consulting service 
Santa Cruz Surfers Daniel Photography from Santa Cruz
Sarge´s Daily Surf: Online home of Aussie photographer Sarge.
South Seas Photography  Exotic surf images of Polynesia by Karl Meinhardt
Stoke TV: Worldwide surfing videos, photos, music, etc
Stu Norton Photography Official website for photographer Stu Norton
Surf 4 The Soul Mike Newman photography Galleries
Surf Images  Collection of local and international surf hotos
Surf Orange County: Surfing pictures from Orange County California. 
Surfography: Robert E Ghysels - moments between man, board, & ocean.
Surfphoto: Les Walker. More than a sport, Surfing´s a way of life.
Surfphotos: John Bilderback senior staff photographer Surfer magazine.
Surf Pix specializes in surf photography and surf media in South Africa
Surf Pix.org  Free website to post and share surf photos
Surfshots: Larry Marshall surf photographer, San Diego USA.
Surfworx: Derrick den Hollander, South Australia.
Thierry Organoff   French lensman covering contests, travel and more
Tim Yilmaz official website for Tim's Surf Photography
TMK Photography: Tim McKenna Photography, includes Laird Hamilton/Teahupoo.
Tom Servais Photography : Tom Servais, classic, and timeles surf images.
TR Productions: Tony Roberts, photographer, videographer, cinematographer.
Tostee: Pierre Tostee official surf photographer to ASP.
Tubeframe  Jamie Bott, Freelance photographer
West Coast Surf Shots  Eric Massey's work on display
Yoann Segalen  France-based shooter with extensive magazine work

  - Surf-Industry, Resources & TradeShows - - -

ASR ASR Longbeach, San Diego, Fall, Europe.
Boardfolio Extensive directory of listings for surfing
BRA Board Retailers Association, USA, .
EuroSIMA. Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (Europe).
Extreme Sponsors Extreme sports networking & sponsorship opportunities...
HUB Trade Show  Buy, sell & ride in Bristol, UK
Italiasurfexpo Italy;- Surf Industry Meeting at Marinella.
Pediro 3,000+ page sports guide that includes surf and swimwear.
SIMA. Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (USA).
Surf Expo  Largest boardsports tradeshow in the USA

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