News Integration

You can integrate Surfersvillage news directly into your website, forum or blog, by simply copying the code below and pasting it into your pages where you want the newsbox to appear.

<IFRAME name=updates scrolling=no marginWidth=0 frameSpacing=0 marginHeight=0 src="" frameBorder=0 width=400 height=155></IFRAME>

This code will result in a box like this:

Each news title, when clicked on, will open a popup of 620/480px centered on the screen
with only the news content displayed – No header, menu, footer, etc. You can see a demonstration of this here.

You can adjust the parameters to suit your needs like so:
width & height :
You can specify any value to fit your website design
scrolling=no : No scrollbar on the box
scrolling=yes : A scrollbar will appear (can be usefull if you want to display a small box).

We will customise the integration for free if your website has more than one million page views per month. Please contact us for more information.

Note: News in the integration boxes are in english only, commercial news are not displayed.

You can also integrate news by geographic area or interest

If you would like to style and integrate our news into other applications you can do so by using the Surfersvillage RSS feed:

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