Projeckts Ltd are the publishers of www.surfersvillage.com and owners of all intellectual and trade mark rights to the respective trading name Surfersvillage. This Website is a leader in its field with respect to the information supplied, design and interaction with the surf and marine weather industry and public.

Former round-the-world-sailor and ski-instructor, Bruce Boal, founded the predecessor to Surfersvillage, Oboard Projects, in 1997 to develop communications and digital media around European and World Junior Surfing which was developing fast at the time, but lacking regular up-to-date information on the Web.

The original support by Oboard Projects, and then Surfersvillage, for Junior Surfing bore fruit, as evidenced by seven young European surfers qualifying for the 2009 ASP World Championship Tour. Surfersvillage co-sponsored one of the seven surfers, and supported all of them editorially.

Surfersvillage created, developed, and published the first real sports annual for surfing, in 2008, The Surfing Yearbook. Continued publication of the widely admired annual edition is currently suspended due to the economic climate following the 2008 financial crisis.

Surfersvillage created, produced, and published the unique Digital Edition publication in Surfing, ‘It’ Thirty Days in Surfing in 2011. Publication of the widely admired edition is positioned to commence production as soon as the market and financial climate permits.

Surfersvillage produces the ‘Surfersvillage Awards’ an awards program recognizing creative and technical talent, amateur and professional, in traditional and new media in the models of print photo video social media and web documentary. ‘The Awards’ are supported by European Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (EuroSIMA), whose members in part make up the judging panels deciding the eventual Surfersvillage Awards winners.

The Surfersvillage creed, and guiding business principal, is to be of service, to the surfers, the industry and surf culture. Surfersvillage operates as a news service and agency specializing in Surfing, publishing and distributing surfing news globally, on print and digital media platforms.