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Indo's next big earthquake due under Mentawais...
25 December, 2011 : - - A massive undersea earthquake is long overdue beneath the Mentawai islands in Indonesia and could trigger another deadly tsunami, say scientists mapping one of the world's most quake-prone zones. Unlike the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, which killed around 226,000 people, this tsunami is expected to be very.....
ISA World Masters champions crowned tomorrow
22 October, 2011 : - USA, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and South Africa are the leading contenders to take home the ISA Eduardo Arena World Team Trophy of this historic El Salvador ISA World Masters Surfing Championship, which ends Sunday at Punta Roca. As the National Teams head to the final day of the event, the five teams are close in points...
Video: Seven Ghosts, a surf session like never before..
2 April, 2011 : - - Follow the latest odyssey deep into the heart of Indonesia to be part of a groundbreaking mission to the freshly discovered, flawless waves of a remote river known by the nearby village as the Seven Ghosts River. Witness the score that the surf world will be talking about for weeks, months and years to come.....
Winners announced at ASL’s Oakley Big Wave Awards
17 February, 2011 : - - Three days before he caught the second $20,000 wave of his life, Mark Mathews was hard at work … in New York City. Mark runs seminars based on his big wave experiences for business groups in need of a kick in the pants. But in NYC that morning, after watching the weather patterns on the other side of the planet, he....
2010 Almanac: The Year in 23 Top Slideshows
02 January 2011; -- The 2010 Almanac Slideshows and Albums gather the top images from 2010 and are available now for viewing. The whole 2010 year of images from around the planet, everything is included from World Champs to Local Heros, beautiful girls, artisitc delights to images of record from the World's best Surf Photographers....
26 December marks 6th anniversary of Great Tsunami
26 December 2010: - - This photo taken 26 December 2004 shows (top-L) Phuket's Chedi resort staff preparing for the day as the first swell edges toward the lawn, followed by the second and third waves (top-R and bottom-L) respectively, engulfing the hotel restaurant and gardens, and the final photo shows the water at its crest flooding....
Beach Babes Slideshows and Albums  1
25 December 2010; -- The 2010 Beach Babes Slideshows and Albums are available now for viewing during the festive Holiday Season. Feast your eyes. Sand, Waves, Rocks, Bikinis, Bums and Boobs all tastefully displayed in the true spirit of surfing's culture and lifestyle....
19 June, 2007 : - - Honolulu -- Strong winds couldn’t keep down Ewa Beach’s Dustin Cuizon at the T&C; Surf / Surfer magazine “Hot 100” Air Invitational at Queen’s surf break in Waikiki.
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