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Int'l Surfing Day 2012 : l'initiative de l'industrie du surf
22 June, 2012 : - Les entreprises de la filière glisse européenne participent activement à l’International Surfi ng Day. Dirigeants, personnel et leur famille se rassemblent aussi le dimanche 24 juin pour une journée qui leur est dédiée. Au programme: Un tag team de surf interentreprises à Seignosse où choix...
Website gathers latest industry products, invites users
22 June, 2012 : - Krush is the action sports network where you can discover what’s coming next from the brands you love. Post products you’re into, see what’s trending with the crowd and get exclusive previews of not-yet released gear and styles. According to co-founder Gina Ashe, venture-backed Krush is a lifestyle network...
Billabong trading halt. Hopes to raise $225m
20 June, 2012 : - Billabong hopes to raise $225 million as it embarks on a transformation strategy issuing new shares to existing shareholders at a 44 per cent discount to current prices. Ted Kunkel flags he will step down after the AGM in October. Chairman of the board audit committee, Allan MacDonald, will also leave the company. Overseas market...
Despite money woes Billabong Pro is GO for Tahiti...
21 June, 2012 : - Billabong's financial difficulties will not affect the company's ability to put on the next event on the ASP World Tour, a spokesman said. The Billabong Pro Tahiti is due to begin on August 16. Being at the famously dangerous wave of Teahupoo in a remote part of Tahiti, the event is one of the more expensive...
Bear Surfboards launches all new catalog online
22 June, 2012 : - Bear Surfboards is a surfboards and clothing company based in Italy. The Bear brand was created in Malibù in 1978 by John Milius for his famous movie Big Wednesday. In the movie John Milius charts a decade of social change as three surfing buddies use the sport as a personal touchstone for their lives...
Summer Solstice 2012: Astro-Science & Pagan Ritual
20 June, 2012 : - The Summer Solstice occurs today 20 June 2012 at 23:09 UT/GMT. It is also known as: Alban Heflin, Alben Heruin, All-couples day, Feast of Epona, Feast of St. John the Baptist, Feill-Sheathain, Gathering Day, Johannistag, Litha, Midsummer, Sonnwend, Thing-Tide, Vestalia, etc. It is celebrated around the world most notably at...
Quiksilver women's line tests retail waters in Malibu
20 June, 2012 : - The members of Quiksilver’s board of directors were all in attendance to celebrate the grand opening on June 5 of the company’s first women’s store located at the Malibu Lumber Yard. The board includes Quiksilver Chief Executive Officer and President Bob McKnight, President of Quiksilver Europe Pierre Agnes...
Two Thirds opens concept store in Basque Country
19 June, 2012 : - On the 23rd of June the blue mens brand TWOTHIRDS opens its first concept store 50 meters from the atlantic shore line in the heart of San Sebastians old town. The gallery space was designed by Basque Artist Iker Leizaola and built by Basque Boatmaker Xanti. Local and sustainable materials and the deep devotion...
SoCal takes on the Aussies with surf training facility  1
19 June, 2012 : - Extreme Athletics opened its doors on Monday. A surf specific training facility built for surfers or anyone who wants to get better at their sport. Founded in 2011 by Paul Norris and Jon Brown, Extreme Athletics is a place where athletes focus on strength training, balance, power, core strength and...
DC Shoes ventures into the training shoe market
19 June, 2012 : - A revolutionary launch for the respected shoe brand, this lightweight, flexible jogger features DC’s Unilite Technology. The ultimate in technical workout shoe, the Unilite trainer is designed to support your session. Whether it’s in the gym or on the street you’ll always be prepared...
VIDEO: Shark says Arica is worthy of another WT event
17 June, 2012 : - After watching some highlights there’s no doubt in Shark Freestyle's mind that the Dream Tour should return to this epic wave. It was awesome during the 2007 Rip Curl Search Event and clearly spectacular again for this event. These guys are getting shacked. Help us start the movement. Bring the WCT back to Arica, Chile...
'No Agenda' is on East/West Coast agenda this week
17 June, 2012 : - - No Agenda is all about beach traffic, bottom turns, sun burns, cold beer, ding repair, dirty wax, flat spells, f#!king kooks, getting burned, local legends, lost luggage, magic boards, nut rash, lofty punts, onshore wind, perfect barrels, sandy hair and sharing waves. It’s good, it’s bad, it’s surfing. This movie has No Agenda...
C-Skins wetsuits expands into Southern Europe
12 June, 2012 : - The European wetsuit brand C-Skins is pleased to announce the appointment of Sancheski as its new Spanish distribution partner. Following the success of C-Skins Wetsuits in Northern Europe & Australia and the increased market demand, C-Skins is now growing into southern Europe...
Quiksilver launches its 'new generation' website
12 June, 2012 : - Quiksilver launched the new generation website, a culmination of the latest and most contemporary website design features which will redefine the way internet users experience the world of Quiksilver and its products. A revolution in its sector, it incorporates an innovative array of new features...
Patagonia reports large growth in revenues...
12 June, 2012 : - Patagonia had sales of $540 million in the twelve months ended in April, up more than 30 percent from the same period a year earlier, according to a report in the Seattle Times. Patagonia CEO Casey Sheahan told the newspaper its revenues have doubled and its profits tripled since 2008...
Virginia Beach retail center eyes wave machine
12 June, 2012 : - American Wave Machines, Inc. announced their selection to carry out the conceptual design and pre-development work and technology supply for the Juice Box Surf owners group in Virginia Beach, VA. Juice Box Surf Center will be a mixed use surf park business utilizing AWM products and technology...
Spy partners with SDSU Center for Surf Research
12 June, 2012 : - San Diego-based eyewear brand SPY® today announced the signing of a historic agreement with the Center for Surf Research, a non-profit education and teaching center housed in San Diego State University’s Sustainable Tourism Program. The formal scholarship fund—the SPY Optic Award...
Rip Curl helps locals with standing weekly event...
12 June, 2012 : - For the fourth consecutive year, Rip Curl has sponsored Duke's Big Wednesday, a fun, charitable fundraiser which benefits HB Lifeguards, HB Surf Lifesaving Association, OC Coastkeepers, SurfAid International and Project Wipeout. Rip Curl stocked the raffle counter with prizes...
Rip Curl Pro Shop flagship store opens in Anglet...
11 June, 2012 : - The official opening ceremony of the Rip Curl Pro Store in Anglet took place last Saturday. Hosted by Rip Curl & the new Rip Curl Pro Store owner/operator John Larcher, the opening celebration was attended by Rip Curl founders Doug Warbrook & Brian Singer, Francois Payot, CEO Olivier Cantet, Rip Curl Europe GM Fred Basse and...
'Best of Show' category launches at Boardroom Int'l
11 June, 2012 : - The Boardroom International Surfboard Show presents The Boardroom Best of Show. The Boardroom Best of Show is a new opportunity for the surfboard industry to display their finest work. There are five categories. The public and a distinguished panel of experts...
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