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  • Coffin on Cake appoint new executives

    10 April, 2013 : - INDUSTRY: Coffin on Cake PR are pleased to announce the appointments of Terry Donovan as Junior Account Executive and Gabriella Persson Womenswear & Digital Media Account Executive. Previously Manager at Topman General Store’s located at Covent Garden and Shoreditch in London, Terry …

  • Formula 1 engineer behind jet surfboard

    10 April, 2013 : - VIDEO: Kai Lenny & Pato Teixeira discover a Jet Surf session in this video, the first test of the new design in Hawaii. Labeled a new water motor sport by its creators, the design features one of the most ecological engines in the world that can hit speeds of up to 60 kmh thanks to innovative t…

  • Epic breaks of Portugal at your fingertips

    10 April, 2013 : - SURF GUIDE: Portugal has a temperate climate with lots of sun, and although the water is cold the waves are consistent along the coast throughout the year. 1,200 kilometers of coastline provide waves for all levels. For this and many other reasons Portugal is on the radar as a global surfing d…

  • Maider Arosteguy : Duvignac toujours là !

    10 April, 2013 : - CONTEST: La 29ème édition de la  Biarritz Quiksilver Maider Arosteguy, parrainée par Renaud Fabier et Lionel Hausséguy, s'est achevée ce lundi 1er avril vers 18 heures par la remise de prix devant un public nombreux et sous un soleil revenu depuis le milieu d…

  • Do or die on Day 4 of ISA World Masters

    10 April, 2013 : - ISA: Day 4 of the 2013 ISA World Masters Surfing Championship was greeted with an increasing swell and a beautiful, sunny day. The morning had an extreme low tide and the contest was put on hold to allow for the conditions to improve and showcase the best performances from the world’s best ov…

  • Charly Termeau training sur les spots Indo

    9 April, 2013 : - VIDEO: Charly Termeau 15 ans profite de sa première année de lycée au CNED pour fuir ce long hiver qui a touché l 'Europe cette année. En effet apres plus de 2 mois passés a écumer un bon nombre de swells marocains , voici la fin de son training hiver…

  • Need work? ASPOM lists latest industry jobs

    9 April, 2013 : - INDUSTRY: European Action Sports hub ASPOM provides the latest job offerings in the Sport & Lifestyle Industry. Check out this week's positions avaialable in Sales, Product Managemnt, Marketing, Customer Service, Technical Consultancy, Logisitics Management, communications and much more within t…

  • Billabong enters exclusive talks with Paul Naude

    9 April, 2013 : - INDUSTRY: Billabong announced it would conduct a process to evaluate whether a change of control proposal at a price and on terms that the Board would recommend, could be secured. Participants in this process consist of a consortium comprising Paul Naude and Sycamore Partners and…

  • Tropical Storm Imelda builds in Indian Ocean

    9 April, 2013 : - ENVIRONMENT: Tropical Storm Imelda formed over the southern Indian Ocean on April 6, 2013. Two days later, the U.S. Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) reported, Imelda still had low wind speeds—just 40 knots (75 kilometers per hour). Within 72 hours, however, wind speeds were for…

  • Early British surfing gets museum treatment

    9 April, 2013 : - HISTORY: It's the first anniversary of the Museum of British Surfing opening in its new permanent home in Braunton, North Devon – and it’s also 10 years ago that they began work on their first public exhibitions around the UK. The Museum of British Surfing is a registered chari…

  • Le surfeur Jérémy Florès à Paris le 18 avril

    9 April, 2013 : - TEAM: Entre deux manches du Championnat du Monde de surf, Jérémy Florès est de retour en France pour la première fois depuis 6 mois. Le n°1 européen, membre du Top 10 mondial* et recordman européen de saisons parmi l’élite masculine du …

  • DC Shoes wraps up intense month of March

    DC Shoes wraps up intense month of March

    9 April, 2013 : - BLOGS: DC Europe Newsletter is out now: Browse highlights from the DC Shoes surf team and the rest of the talented DC Shoes stable of riders as they expand across the globe to gather up some fresh video clips while throwing in claims and celebrations. The latest Newsletter is available for view…

  • Bar raised Day 3 of ISA World Masters

    9 April, 2013 : - ISA: The world’s best over 35 year old Men and Women surfers put on incredible performances during Day 3 of the ISA World Masters Surfing Championship on the perfect right hand point-break waves in Montañita, Ecuador. It was a beautiful sunny day in the South American country that sits …

  • Live the Search series rolls through Cal
  • Rewind: Vans Triple Crown of Surfing
  • Brasileiro Yan Daberkow no Northe Shore
  • Explore the green behind the Volcom Pipe
  • Joan Duru explores Bali with Maud Le Car
  • Formula 1 engineer behind jet surfboard
  • The Ross & Tom show launches in 3D
Day 5 fires as ISA World Masters final nears
Explore the green behind the Volcom Pipe Pro
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