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  • All healed up, Silvana Lima psychs for Tour

    23 January, 2013 : - TEAM: The past few seasons have seen talk on the ASP Women’s World Championship Tour focused around the youth uprising challenging the dynasty of reigning five-time ASP Women’s World Champion Stephanie Gilmore. While much of the focus remains around the ‘New Guard’, B…

  • Patrick Gudauskas as Tour first alternate

    22 January, 2013 : - TEAM: Patrick Gudauskas donated some incredible performances throughout the 2012 season, contributing to some of the most memorable heats of the year. Following the Billabong Pipe Masters however, Gudauskas found himself just outside of the qualification bubble for the 2013 ASP WCT and is no…

  • How's it feel to be World Champ? Ask Parko

    22 January, 2013 : - WORLD CHAMP: Thousands of friends, family and fans of Joel ‘Parko’ Parkinson converged on the shores of Snapper Rocks on the Gold Coast to celebrate his 2012 ASP World Title. The Snapper Rocks car park was transformed into a festival site with music stage, big screens, food stall…

  • Glenn Hall prepares for the Big Show

    Glenn Hall prepares for the Big Show

    11 January, 2013 : - TEAM: After a 12 year qualification campaign 31-year-old Central Coast, NSW born and raised surfer, Glenn Hall has achieved his goal of qualifying for the Men's ASP World Championship Tour. 2013 will see the veteran competitive surfer labelled a 'Rookie' on the WCT alongside much younger sur…

  • Sumbawa to the WQS, Oney Anwar jumps

    Sumbawa to the WQS, Oney Anwar jumps

    8 January, 2013 : - TEAM: Oney Anwar is a 19-year-old surfer from Lakey Peak, Sumbawa but has been living on the Gold Coast for nearly 5 years. Surfing since the age of seven he has risen through the ranks of the Australian Pro Juniors and created history as the first Indonesian surfer to win an Australian Pro J…

  • Taylor Knox talks tubes and The Tour

    Taylor Knox talks tubes and The Tour

    7 January, 2013 : - VIDEO: After an incredible 22 years on the World Tour in 2012 Taylor Knox reflects on power surfing and how it holds a place amongst the new age progression of modern day surfing. The carvemaster hangs up his contest singlet and talks about the tour and what makes surfing so addictive. Prepar…

  • Xcel digs deeper into Ryan Seelbach

    Xcel digs deeper into Ryan Seelbach

    2 January, 2013 : - VIDEO: Ryan Seelbach charges Maverick's with a core group of local surfers commited to the big, cold stuff. This latest installment of the Xcel Core Files focuses on Ryan's routine, from 20-foot Mav's to his local, punchy beachbreak. The Xcel Core Files Series is a behind the scenes look at f…

  • Who is Wold Longboard Champ Kelia Moniz?

    Who is Wold Longboard Champ Kelia Moniz?

    14 December, 2012 : - TEAM: Kelia Moniz, like a few elite Hawaiian professionals, hails from an iconic surfing lineage. While father Tony Moniz has left his own legacy, Kelia has been busy creating her own, most recently winning the ASP Women’s World Longboard Title at the Swatch Girls Pro China. ESPN caug…

  • Jérémy Florès - Le Réunionnais interview

    Jérémy Florès - Le Réunionnais interview

    15 December, 2012 : - TEAM: Pour l’avoir gagné voici deux ans, Jérémy Florès figure aux côtés des favoris de cette édition. Le Réunionnais revient aussi sur l’Eddie Aikau pour lequel il a été invité pour la seconde anné…

  • Garrett McNamara dons security hat

    Garrett McNamara dons security hat

    6 December, 2012 : - BIG-WAVE:  For him it was love at first sight. The American Garrett McNamara, holder of the Guinness record for the largest wave ever surfed, was the first international athlete of big waves to discover Praia do Norte. Now he's back to Nazaré to ensure the safety of the first edi…

  • Lakey Peterson sets her eyes on the prize

    Lakey Peterson sets her eyes on the prize

    4 December, 2012 : - TEAM: Lakey Peterson has emerged on a fast track from the amateur ranks to the ASP Women’s World Tour. Her pre-tour air reverses and eye-blinking qualification campaign are the textbook representation of the rapid progression of the women’s surfing movement. At only 18 years of age, P…

  • Oh What a Year! Sebastian Zietz reflects

    Oh What a Year! Sebastian Zietz reflects

    4 December, 2012 : - VIDEO: Needing a solid result or two in Hawaii in order to make the leap up the rankings to qualify for the ASP World Tour, Sebastian "Seabass" Zietz, instead, won the first event at Haleiwa and solidified his spot among the top 34 in 2013. Oakley looks back at the past year and talk to Seab…

  • Buitendag sole South African woman on tour

    Buitendag sole South African woman on tour

    26 November, 2012 : - TEAM: Bianca Buitendag is set to be the only true rookie on the 2013 ASP Women’s World Tour. After a dominant campaign on the ASP World Junior stage, Buitendag strung together one of the most consistent efforts throughout the 2012 women’s qualifying season, finishing at No. 2 on…

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