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NEW: 'It' Thirty Days in Surfing / Check the biggest....


Industry Updates: 'It'

‘It’ - Thirty Days In Surfing  /  a Green Initiative in Sustainable Stoke

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 25 October, 2011 : - - Surfersvillage is pleased to present an exciting and innovative new digital platform. The demonstrator edition is available now. Digital edition magazines have come of age with interest now exceeding that of print magazines. 50% of users read all pages.

Scroll down to the images & links, and take a look at the demo-edition and let us what you think of....  'It'  

This edition covers the period 15 August to 15 September 2011 and inludes everything in that thirty day period from Owen/Kelly World Tour Final duals to a new surf-belt-buckle invention and lots more including great video, feature articles, ASP & ISA latest rankings etc.... 










Q: What is 'It'?                                                   

A Green Initiative in Sustainable Stoke.
Wherever waves break, surfing news is breaking too.
If it happened in surfing, somewhere, you'll read about it in 'It' Thirty Days in Surfing.

FREE: 12 issues published annually
Surfing Almanac: week by week, all the surfing news
Contest results, region by region, from smallest to biggest
Analysis and thought by surfing's leading opinion makers
Photo essays from the best surf photographers around the world
Videos, interactivity, and profiles of all the leading surfers
Inside the industry: who's movin', who's shakin'
Ocean environmental issues, weather and swell reports
ASP / ISA reviews 

Check out the Demo-Edition  (best viewed in full screen mode)

'It' Thirty Days in introduced now as a unique new exclusive platform to better serve the Surfing Community and is the only complete compilation of surfing news, contest reports, results, latest rankings, culture and industry news, video and photo portfolios, & limited brand announcements.

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Read the Intdroduction by executive editor Paul Holmes

‘It’ - Thirty Days In Surfing
A green initiative in sustainable stoke….

Welcome to the very first edition of an exciting new experience from Surfersvillage, first in surfing news since the coming of the internet era. ‘It’ - Thirty Days in Surfing is unique in the global wave-riding community:  an easy, one-click way to get all the surfing news of the last thirty days. And it’s free to subscribe. No fees, no credit card, nothing but your surf stoke and curiosity — from wherever you are on the planet.

Surfing is a truly global phenomenon. 
Wherever waves break, surfing news is breaking too.

Contests are being run, surf shops are springing up, surfboards are being made, new surf spots being discovered, and surfing innovations being created both in and out of the water. All this activity adds up to a deluge of information, photos, videos and fascinating factoids. Every month, ‘It’ - Thirty Days in Surfing will bring it all together on a one-stop, easy-access digital platform, keeping you up to date on what’s happening worldwide.

How ‘It’ works:
In ‘Almanac News’ you’ll find a week-by-week compilation of the key events from surfing regions around the world. Whether it’s a big surf industry charity bash in Southern California, a celebration of surf culture and living legends in Hawaii, a surf art installation in France, the latest ‘bust-down-the-door-ology’ from Australia, an eco-surf adventure in Central America, the story of a mega-swell or the release of a futuristic new piece of surfing equipment, you’ll find it here.

Who’s moving and shaking? 
What’s doing? To find out the Who, What, When, Where and Why during the previous thirty days in surfing, ‘Almanac News’ is where to go for ‘It.’

‘Almanac Contests’ covers recaps and results from clashes of top-ranked titans of the ASP Dream Tour, to the all-important regional Pro Tour qualifying events, Pro Juniors, and even just-for-fun fundraiser events and club contests, as well as every exciting ISA World Championship event around the World.

With consistently updated ratings lists you’ll be able to track who’s leading, which surfers are moving up, and who’s going down—a fascinating way to follow your favorite high-performers throughout the year.

But there’s more to ‘It’ than that: opinions, analysis and reviews by some of surfing’s most thought-provoking commentators, omg video clips, stunning photo portfolios, coverage of environmental issues, weather and swell reports. Altogether ‘It’ makes you, the reader, the ultimate insider expert on surfing in the information age.

‘It’ - Thirty Days in Surfing is designed to be a go-to and must-have resource for every stoked and committed surfer. Over the course of its monthly, week-by-week editions ‘It’ will become a collectible reference archive. Plans are underway to make ‘It’ available through print-on-demand technology, and at the end of each 12-month cycle ‘It’ will be compiled into an Annual Yearbook - a keeper for years to come.

So go for 'It'’ — and enjoy.

Now you get ‘It’ - Thirty Days in Surfing - you’re on top of the world of surfing all the time.

Full information is available upon request. 
For more information contact



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