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Mustofa Jeksen wins Oakley Pro 2012 Canggu

Mustofa Jeksen : photo Tim Hain/ISC


The Oakley Pro 2012
presented by San Miguel Light

Coca Cola ISC/ASC 6-star event
Canggu, Bali, Indonesia
1 - 2 April 2012

Mustofa Jeksen Takes Win over Made Awan at Oakley Pro 2012 presented by San Mig Light

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 April, 2012 : - - Canggu-Bali:  In a closely contest 30 minute final at Canggu’s famed rivermouth righthander, Mustofa Jeksen nabbed his second Oakley Pro win, narrowly defeating Made Awan in challenging 4-6 foot thumping surf to come home with 3,000 Coca-Cola ISC championship points and the winners check of Rp 15 million (approximately $1,650 USD).

Both competitors were previous Oakley Pro winners, Jeksen having won the inaugural event back in 2009, and Awan in 2010.  Last year it was current Coca-Cola ISC champion Marlon Gerber who won the event.

Neither Jeksen or Awan had banner years in 2011, both just barely inside the top 16 in the rankings, so it was obvious they were hungry and committed to getting this year off to a good start.

Mustofa jumped into the lead and never looked back, catching 10 waves during the final while Awan took only half that many (5). 

Due to the size of the waves, actually too big for perfect Canggu, the wave scores weren’t that high, with Mus’s best wave a 7.0 and Awan’s a 5.75.  Frequent bombing 6ft+ sets had the boys paddling a lot, with only the medium and smaller waves offering up much scoring potential, but they both did a stellar job at finding some good waves and creating an exciting final.

As the 10-second countdown reached the 5 second mark, a nice medium set wave appeared and Awan paddled furiously toward it, but just as he turned and was paddling down the face the horn blew the end of the final.  It was the wave he had needed, but just seconds too late. 

The final score showed Mustofa ahead by just under a single point, 11.50 points to Awan’s 10.75, with Awan needing a 5.85 score to take the win.  It was a hard fought battle with both surfers giving it their best, and on all accounts a fair and worthy matchup. 

“This win means a lot to me,” said Jeksen back on the beach.  “Last year was a tough one as I didn’t get many good results and I got dropped by my long time sponsor, but I knew I had to just focus and think about the future, not about the past.  So now I’m back, Mustofa Jeksen is back, I’m a winner again, thanks to my family, my friends and my sponsors that support me.  I really want to be Indonesian champion this year, that’s what my goal is now, so my season is getting a great start with this win.”

Awan was stoked with his second place finish, but also knowing that he had been just a few seconds away from the top podium spot and the winners check.  “I was trying to be really patient out there and catch only waves that I thought I could score on,” he said.  “But it was hard to choose the good ones with the big closeouts washing through, but I did my best and oh my God, if only that wave would have come a little sooner!  I never surfed man-on-man against Mus before, so I was happy to be in the final with him.  But ya, this is a great start of the year for me and so I’m looking forward to better year this year for sure.”  Awan is without a major sponsor this year, after his previous sponsor shut down their operations in Indonesia.

The Coca-Cola ISC Masters Division saw Bali’s best over-35 year old surfers take to the challenging conditions, with Wayan Gantiyasa, Nyoman Wastika, Made Lapur, Ketut Sareng, Wayan Budaysa, 2011 Coca-Cola ISC Masters champ Ketut Wirtawan and 2010 champ Ketut Juliarta competing for their spot in the final.

The final was another closely contested battle with just a fraction of a point separating the winner and the runner up.  At the horn it was Ketut Juliarta with 11.1 points (out of a possible 20), just holding off a charging Wayan Budaysa who finished with 11.0 points, Ketut Menda in third with 9.25 point and Ketut Wirtawan in fourth with 8.5.

Keepin’ it Green.  As part of a combined effort between the Coca-Cola ISC and their event sponsors such as Oakley and the ROLE Foundation to lead by example in their mission to clean up Bali’s environment and reduce the carbon footprint, a tree planting project was initiated at this year’s Oakley Pro where in cooperation with the local community 30 trees were planted at strategic locations around Canggu Beach. 

After the contest had wrapped up, Curtis Lowe from ROLE and the Pereranan Surf Club went to work finding some great spots for the trees and got them all nestled into their new homes in time to still get the afternoon glass off.  Chief of Police Nyoman Suandi has promised to help the Pererenan Surf Club and the Canggu Surf Club coordinate and ensure that the trees are protected and watered regularly.

In addition, representatives from ROLE and GUS were at the beach each day before, during and after the event leading by example in educating the spectators and participants, and ensuring that the trash was put in the appropriate containers.  Food for the contestants and crew was also served in banana leaf wrappings, and reusable plastic and aluminum containers used for drinks by the event staff and management.

The Coca-Cola ISC and Oakley would like to extend a special thanks to ROLE, GUS, Climate Dave, the Pererenan Surf Club, the Canggu Surf Club, the Canggu Green Community, and Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia for all their support and cooperation.

Check out the action from the Oakley Pro 2012 presented by San Miguel below:








See for all the results, video’s, photos and more, and on Facebook look up Indonesian Surfing Championship (ISC).

The next stop on the Coca-Cola ISC tour is one of the best lefthanders in the world, Macaroni’s in the Mentawai Islands, so we’ll look forward to bringing you more action from the best Indonesia surfers in the best waves very soon, coming up on May 21-28!

Oakley Pro 2012 Open Division Results:
1st - Mustofa Jeksen
2nd - Made Awan
Equal 3rd -  Lee Wilson and Darmaputra Tonjo

Oakley Pro 2012 Masters Division Results:
1st – Ketut Juliarta
2nd – Wayan Budiasa
3rd – Ketut Menda
4th – Ketut Wirtawan

Coca-Cola ISC Keepin’ it Green Award  -
Mr. Nyoman Suandi (Chief of Police for the local Canggu District)

The Oakley Pro 2012 presented by San Mig Light is a 6-star dual sanctioned Coca-Cola ISC and ASC event, and is sponsored/supported by PowerAde, New Era, Cocoon, the Beat, and

The Coca-Cola ISC Tour is sponsored by Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia, with media support by,,, Lines Magazine, SurfTime Magazine, Magic Wave, Alam TV Bali, the Outdoor Channel, and RVM, and environmental support in their Keepin’ it Green program from the ROLE Foundation, GUS, and Climate Dave.

About the Coca-Coca Cola Indonesian Surfing Championships
The Coca-Cola Indonesian Surfing Championships is the sanctioning body for professional surfing in Indonesia.  The ISC was established in 2004 to provide surfing athletes with a consistent, legitimate, and respected forum where they can compete and measure themselves against their peers, a stepping-stone towards their ultimate goal of becoming a professional surfer at the international level

With the support of Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia, through organized surfing competitions, the Coca-Cola ISC seeks to grow the awareness of the sport of surfing in Indonesia and throughout the Asian region for the benefit of the surfers, their community, their environment, their nation and the surfing industry.  Find out more at

About the ASC
The Asian Surfing Championships began in 2011 with the mission of growing the sport of surfing in South East Asia from the grassroots level by assisting each country in organizing professional surfing events that will develop the skills of their surfers in healthy competition as well as to draw attention to their area for the progression of surfing locally, nationally, and throughout the SEA area.

Organized surfing competitions have historically been the best medium for the development of surfers and for the sport of surfing, where learning how to compete fairly and to being disciplined in training and competition are key skills needed not only for surfing but also for life.

The ASC works with the local, national and multinational event sponsors and organizers to maximize the results of these competitive surfing events towards accomplishing the goals of sharing the sport of surfing and bringing positive economic, social, and environmental benefits to the people in these South East Asian countries.  See more at



Open Podium : Tim Hain / ISC



(In Bahasa Indonesia)

Mustofa Jeksen Menang Atas Made Awan di Event Oakley Pro 2012 yang Dipersembahkan Oleh San Mig Light

3 April 2012, Canggu-Bali:  Di 30 menit babak final yang berlangsung sangat ketat di spot righthander terkenal, Canggu, Mustofa Jeksen akhirnya berhasil merebut tropi Oakley Pro keduanya setelah menaklukkan Made Awan di atas ombak setinggi 4-6 foot dan membawa pulang 3000 poin Coca-Cola ISC championship juga cek sebesar 15 juta (sekitar $1,650 USD).

Kedua kompetitor ini sama-sama pernah menjuarai Oakley Pro, Jeksen meraup tropi Oakley Pro pertamanya pada tahun 2009 lalu, sementara Awan memenangkan kontes ini tahun 2010. Dan tahun lalu, adalah juara Coca-Cola ISC saat ini yaitu Marlon Gerber yang mendapat tropi ini.

Baik Jeksen maupun Awan sedang dalam posisi puncak di tahun 2011 ini, keduanya baru saja masuk ke urutan 16 besar , maka tak heran keduanya punya ambisi yang besar untuk memulai musim tahun ini dengan sempurna.

Saat babak final dimulai, Mustofa memimpin terlebih dahulu untuk mendapat 10 ombak, sementara Awan hanya mendapatkan setengahnya (5 ombak).

Ukuran ombak yang ada di Canggu sebenarnya terlalu besar dari ombak yang biasa tersaji, dan skor ombak yang didapat tidaklah terlalu tinggi, yaitu Mus dengan ombak terbaiknya yaitu 7.0 sementara Awan yang mendapat 5.75.

Set ombak masif setinggi 6ft+ memaksa keduanya harus paddling semaksimal mungkin, dan hanya ombak medium dan lebih kecil yang tersedia untuk membuat skor setinggi mungkin.

Saat hitungan mundur 10 hingga 5 detik terakhir, set ombak medium datang dan Awan berusaha paddle mendapatkan ombak tersebut untuk manuver terakhirnya, tapi ternyata sisa waktu yang ada tidak cukup hingga horn dibunyikan tanda babak final selesai. Hanya satu ombak lagi yang ia butuhkan untuk mendongkrak poin yang sementara ia pegang, tapi set yang datang terlambat beberapa detik.

Skor akhir babak final yaitu Mustofa memimpin di bawah poin single yaitu 11.50 poin dan Awan dengan 10.75 poin, jadi Awan membutuhkan 5.85 poin lagi jika ia ingin menang. Dan yang terjadi memang adalah pertarungan yang sengit, saling adu manuver antar keduanya.

“Kemenangan ini sangat berarti bagiku,” ujar Jeksen saat dimintai pendapatnya di belakang pantai. “Tahun lalu benar-benar sangat keras kompetisinya dan saya pun tidak terlalu banyak mendapat hasil yang bagus dan berakhir dengan putus kontrak dengan sponsor saya yang lama, tapi saya tahu saya hanya perlu fokus untuk masa depan, bukan selalu memikirkan masa lalu. Dan sekarang saya telah kembali, Mustofa Jeksen is back, saya kembali menang, terima kasih untuk keluarga saya, teman-teman juga para sponsor saya yang selalu mendukung. Saya ingin sekali menjadi juara nasional tahun ini, itulah tujuan utama saya sekarang. Musim ini dimulai dengan sesuatu yang luar biasa.”

Tak hanya Mustofa, Awan juga cukup puas dengan perolehan hasil ini, yaitu posisi kedua walaupun hanya karena set ombak yang datang terlambat beberapa detik ia tak berhasil mendapatkan posisi 1 juga cek juara utama. “Saya berusaha sangat sabar di luar sana dan hanya mencari ombak yang menurut saya ideal untuk melakukan manuver, “ujarnya. “Tapi memang sangat sulit untuk memilah mana yang bagus dan set yang datang besar-besar, tapi saya melakukan semaksimal mungkin dan oh Tuhan, kalau saja set ombak yang terakhir itu datang lebih awal! Saya belum pernah surfing man-to-man  melawan Mus sebelumnya, jadi saya sangat senang berada di babak final bersamanya. Tapi ya, tentunya ini adalah permulaan tahun yang baik bagiku, jadi saya berharap akan bisa mencetak prestasi yang lebih ke depannya,” Tahun ini Awan tanpa sponsor utama setelah sponsor sebelumnya menghentikan operasinya di Indonesia.

Di Divisi Master Coca Cola ISC menampilkan surfer Bali terbaik berusia 35 tahun bertarung melawan Wayan Gantiyasa, Nyoman Wastika, Made Lapur, Ketut Sareng, Wayan Budaysa, juara Coca-Cola ISC 2011 Masters Ketut Wirtawan dan juara tahun 2010 Ketut Juliarta untuk berebut untuk spot di final.

Finalnya sendiri juga merupakan salah satu babak final yang menegangkan, dengan hanya beda poin tipis  antara pemenang dan runner up. Adalah Ketut Juliarta dengan 11.1 poin (dari 20 poin ) yang keluar sebagai juara dan Wayan Budaysa yang hanya meraih 11.0 poin. Berada di posisi 3 yaitu Ketut Menda dengan 9.25 dan posisi 4 ada Ketut Wirtawan dengan 8.5 poin.

Keepin’ it Green.  Sebagai bagian dari usaha gabungan antara Coca-Cola ISC dan sponsor utama yaitu Oakley dan ROLE Foundation yaitu misi mereka untuk membersihkan lingkungan Bali dan mengurangi jejak karbon, sebuah proyek penanaman pohon dirintis tahun ini di event Oakley Pro dengan bekerja sama bersama komunitas lokal. 30 pohon telah ditanam si tempat-tempat strategis di pantai Canggu.

Setelah kontes selasai,  Curtis Lowe dari ROLE dan Pereranan Surf Club bekerja sama mencari spot-spot tepat untuk menanam pohon dengan perhitungan waktu agar masih bisa mendapat cahaya matahari yang baik hingga sore hari. Kepala polisi Nyoman Suandi berjanji untuk membantu Pererenan Surf Club dan Canggu Surf Club, menkoordinasi dan memastikan tanamannya dilindungi dan mendapat suplai air secara teratur.

Sebagai tambahan, representatif dari ROLE dan GUS ada di pantai sebelum, saat event berjalan dan sesudahnya untuk mengedukasi lebih lanjut yang hadir di sana juga para partisipan, dan memastikan semua sampah dibuang ke tempat sampah yang sudah disediakan. Makanan untuk para kontestan dan kru juga disajikan dengan bungkus daun pisang, juga plastik dan aluminium kontainer dapat kembali digunakan oleh para kru dan manajemen.

Coca-Cola ISC dan Oakley mengucapkan terima kasih untuk ROLE, GUS, Climate Dave, Pererenan Surf Club, Canggu Surf Club, Canggu Green Community, dan Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia untuk semua dukungan dan kerjasamanya.

Cek aksi dari Oakley Pro 2012 yang dipersembahkan oleh San Miguel di:  









Oakley Pro 2012 Open Division Results:
1st - Mustofa Jeksen
2nd - Made Awan
Equal 3rd -  Lee Wilson and Darmaputra Tonjo

Oakley Pro 2012 Masters Division Results:
1st – Ketut Juliarta
2nd – Wayan Budiasa
3rd – Ketut Menda
4th – Ketut Wirtawan

Coca-Cola ISC Keepin’ it Green Award  -
Mr. Nyoman Suandi (Chief of Police for the local Canggu District)

Sourrce: ISC Tour

Author: Tim Hain

Tags: Oakley Pro, Canngu, Blai, Coca Cola, ISC Tour, ASC,

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