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Jamie Mitchell & Don Miralle claim Surftech Jay Race

Jamie Mitchell © Nikki Brooks


Surftech Jay Race
presented by Quiksilver

Santa Cruz California
22 June 2012

Vela and Appleby are top Waterwomen

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 June, 2012 : - - The 11th Annual Surftech Jay Race presented by Quiksilver Waterman Collection featured more than 300 athletes competing in this one day event. Australia's Jamie Mitchell made his Jay Race debut an impressive one by winning the Long Course SUP division and setting a new 14' SUP class record with a time of 1:55:34. Don Miralle (Encinitas, CA) won the Unlimited Paddleboard division and finished with the fastest overall time of the day, 1:51:39.  

"I was super honored and stoked to do the Jay Race this year! What a great course and paddling community Santa Cruz has," said Mitchell. "It's a great event and I hope to be back next year."

In the rest of the Long Course field, Jack Bark kept his win streak alive by winning the Stock Paddleboard class and improving on his 2011 time by 6 minutes! Jay Race co-founder, Joe Beek (Santa Cruz, CA), won the 14' Paddleboard class while Ben Sarrazin (Marin, CA) took out the 12'6" SUP division and local contender Tony Mueller won the Unlimited SUP division.

On the women's side, it was Candice Appleby (San Clemente, CA) leading the way for the ladies finishing atop the Womens 12'6" SUP class and recording the fastest womens time of the day and the fastest womens SUP time ever with a 2:07:18 finish! Miami, Florida lifeguard and 5x Jay Race competitor Cynthia Aguilar finally achieved her goal of winning the Womens Stock Paddleboard Class finishing just seconds ahead of the 2nd place female. Australia's Jo Ambrosi used her Catalina Race experience to win the Womens Unlimited Paddleboard division and 17 year-old Brit Oliphant (Bend, OR) won the Womens 14' SUP division. 

The highly anticipated Quiksilver Waterman Challenge lived up to the hype with talented athletes from many different backgrounds all vying for the Quiksilver Waterman Challenge title. The three discipline event requires skill in open water swimming, prone paddleboarding and stand up paddling. The mens race saw Anthony Vela (San Clemente, CA) put his years of lifeguard competition experience to work, finishing just under a minute ahead of 18 year-old Jack Bark of Palos Verdes, CA (who was arguably the MVP of the Waterman Challenge) and former Ironman competitor and Triathlon coach Roch Frey (Encinitas, CA).

On the Womens side Appleby once again reigned supreme, coming out of the water from the swim leg in 4th place and making up one position in the prone leg reaching the beach in 3rd. Once on her signature Bark 12'6" race board, Appleby caught Cynthia Aguilar at about the 250 meter mark and reeled in Alison Riddle at 800 meters. Candice led from there and crossed the finish line just under a minute ahead of Riddle. 

The Covewater SUP Relay was the final event of the Jay Race and featured six, three-person teams competing in the water and on the sand. GoPro cameras and Covewater gift certificates were at stake as the teams paddled their way around a quarter-mile water course and crawled, ran and climbed over and through the elaborate beach obstacle course provided by A Day at the Beach Events. Team Santa Cruz used local knowledge to come out of the grinding relay course on top with Team Awesome and The Upwinders rounding out the top three.

The Surftech Jay Race is as much a family event as it is an intense competition. While elite and age group competitors tackled the long and short courses and all-around water athletes went to battle in the Quiksilver Waterman Challenge, the kids got a taste of Jay Race competition in the "Mini Jay Race". Kids 12 and under paddled a small buoy course and collected "Live Like Jay" wristbands at each buoy.

Upon hitting the beach the kids had to run through the "A Day at the Beach" (ADATB) obstacle course. As the kids maneuvered through the ADATB course, their loving friends took the opportunity to spray them down with Super Soaker water guns!

The 11th Annual Surftech Jay Race presented by Quiksilver Waterman Collection had something for everyone and will go down as one of the best races to date. "It was truly a fantastic family event and I felt the love and ohana from everyone who volunteered and competed in honor of Jay," said paddleboard division winner Don Miralle. "Special thanks to the entire crew up there who put on a world class event with their efforts." 

A Note From Kim Moriarity, Jay's Wife:
"I know Jay would have absolutely loved the "Mini Jay Races" and the way that everyone came together on the beach to enjoy each others company, their love for Jay and their love for paddling. The energy at the Jay Race is just incredible and so full of Jay's spirit. There were endless smiles, cheering and good times all around. I'm so proud for Jay and blessed to have his legacy continue on for a long time to come! LIVE LIKE JAY!"

The Surftech Jay Race is a fundraiser for Santa Cruz County Junior Lifeguard organizations. Santa Cruz City, State, and Capitola Junior Lifeguard programs will receive a donation for equipment and scholarships in the name of Jay Moriarity from funds raised through the Jay Race. Race entry fees for the 11th Annual Surftech Jay Race combined with raffle sales and silent auction bids raised more than $12,000 for Santa Cruz JG programs this year!


Mens Stock Paddleboard
1.Jack Bark 2:00:18
2. Steve Shlens 2:03:38
3. Matthew Sack 2:04:46

Womens Stock PB
1. Cynthia Aguilar 2:20:40
2. Aimee Spector 2:20:59
3. Lindsay Shoop 2:36:21

Mens 14' Paddleboard
1. Joe Beek 2:03:45
2. Reno Caldwell 2:05:38
3. Michael Jones 2:20:41

Mens UL Paddleboard
1. Don Miralle 1:51:39
2. Anthony Vela 1:52:39
3. Roch Frey 1:53:09

Womens UL Paddleboard
1. Jo Ambrosi 2:33:30
2. Sue Riedinger 2:53:57

Mens 12'6" SUP
1. Ben Sarrazin 2:05:19
2. Keith Meter 2:06:38
3. Austin Young 2:06:48

Womens 12'6" SUP
1. Candice Appleby 2:07:18
2. Alison Riddle 2:15:53
3. Jen Fuller 2:16:59

Mens 14' SUP
1. Jamie Mitchell 1:55:34
2. Matt Becker 1:57:00
3. Patrick Ohea 2:06:24

Womens 14' SUP
1. Brit Oliphant 2:23:20
2. Lauren Eisen. 2:33:53
3. Kristine Hamrick 2:40:27

1. Tony Mueller 2:03:38
2. Bill Saxton 2:21:39
3. Bill Sullivan 2:36:53

Quiksilver Waterman Challenge
1. Anthony Vela 30:42
2. Jack Bark 31:34
3. Roch Frey 31:35

1. Candice Appleby 32:42
2. Alison Riddle 33:37
3. Lucy Bell 36:55

Short Course
Mens Stock Paddleboard
1. John Davis 23:40
2. Danny Savasky 28:15
3. Frank Rosenlund 28:23

Womens Stock Paddleboard
1. Jamilia Star 30:00
2. Lynn Debrito 32:07
3. Liz Smith 32:45

Mens 14' Paddleboard
1. Anthony Tashnick 24:01
2. Abe Morrison 31:14
3. Rick Bishop 32:17

Womens 14' Paddleboard
1. Amber Carlton 27:06
2. Nikki Brooks 30:38
3. Zuef Hesson 32:01

Mens 12'6" SUP
1. Brian Winterhalder 24:27
2. Mark Pastick 25:10
3. Frank Knight 25:16

Womens 12'6" SUP
1. Lucy Bell 25:24
2. Micha Shaw 27:05
3. Kristen Winter 27:22

Mens 14' SUP
1. Chris Peterson 24:17
2. Chris Cole 26:53

Womens 14' SUP
1. Kaila Pearson 29:05
2. Karen Van Putten 32:47
3. Michaella Olavan 51:40

Mens Surf SUP
1. Kurt Roessler 27:57
2. Les Waddel 28:02
3. Frank Perrott 28:19

Womens Surf SUP
1. Mary Vanderhoof 32:59
2. Mireille Horton 35:45
3. Marlies Tallman 36:03

Junior Mens Paddleboard
1. Ben Coffey 24:52
2. Sam Bark 24:56
3. Kanwila Johsens 26:49

Junior Womens Paddleboard
1. Selah Bartlett 26:18
2. Emily Bark 27:54
3. Mackenzie Deeter 28:44

Boys Paddleboard
1. Sam Coffey 29:00
2. Ryan Smith 32:15
3. Kai Evans 37:05

Girls Paddleboard
1. Elisabeth Comer 33:18
2. McKenzie Dillough. 33:41
3. Shea Salvino 46:16

Junior Mens SUP
1. Brian Dillon 28:31

Junior Womens SUP
1. Courtney Springbe. 39:01

Boys SUP
1. Trent Carter 30:55
2. Noah Nagel 57:05

Girls SUP
1. Kali'a Alexiou 33:34

10'6" Sprint board
1. Kevin Campbell 27:18
2. Rhonda Ferguson 40:04

Mens Longboard
1. Christy Davis 33:09
2. John Manning 33:41
3. Rob Morse 34:07

Covewater SUP Relay
1. Team Santa Cruz 11:49
2. Team Awesome 11:52
3. Upwinders 12:53 

Check the full times and results at

Source: Surftech

Author: Duke Brouwer

Tags: Jay Race, Santa Cruz, Capitola, Surftech, SUP, Paddle

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