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Surf Travel: Southern Sumatra holds some gems

Southern Sumatra gem © Surf Resort Finder

Surf Travel

Surf Resort Finder reports on waves in and around Mandiri Beach Club

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 August, 2012 : - - Step into the chilled coastal vibes of south Sumatra. With a cluster of good waves and tranquil rural scenery, it’s an easy place to kick back, chase waves and take it easy for a couple of weeks. If you’re expecting the perfection and variety of waves on offer in the Mentawais, or are looking for the hustle and entertainment of Bali, this ain’t the place for you.

But if a handful of quality waves and relaxed vibes both on land and in the water are your thing, hit this joint up for your own little surf adventure. There’s just under a dozen waves in the area, ranging from groomed reefs and points, quality beach breaks to some short and abrupt tubes.

A little bit out of the way, the area attracts a generally relaxed group of surfers who like to surf uncrowded waves and good vibes are the norm in the water. And while there’s a range of waves on offer, part of what has kept the area relatively quiet is that different set-ups appeal to different types of surfers.

Straight out the front of the Mandiri Beach Club is Mandiri Beach itself, offering peaky tubes in the right conditions. For the most part this stretch of coast shines in the morning, with a light land breeze before the mid-morning trades kick in and blow it out. Staying at MBC gives you prime access this stretch of hollow sand bottom tubes – definitely a rarity in Indo. As with any beach break, it has moments when it’s better than others, but over a couple of weeks you’re sure to have a couple of very memorable sessions out here.

A 15 minute drive south are the long loping lefts of Karang Nyimbor – popular with an older cruiser crew. G-Land it ain’t but on the right tide and swell direction it offers a long clean walls allowing for half a dozen turns and some insanely fun speed runs. Heading south again, Way Jambu is sometimes referred to as the Sumatran Pipe. A sometimes sectiony left, it throws up some very wide tubes as it runs along a shallow ledge before abruptly detonating on a gruesome end section.

To the north, Krui has a couple of of sweet set-ups tucked inside a bay that blow offshore in the prevailing trades. There’s three main waves in the bay and a couple of other chunks of reef that offer supremely clean and hollow waves in solid swells. Further north again is the right point of Jenny’s, the bodyboarding haven at Honeysmacks and a couple of short and intense at waves Jimmy’s. Both the right and left here are hollow, but feature brutal end sections. They’re not for the faint of heart and both require nimble exits before they go dry at the end.

There’s a couple of other waves in the area that Chris, Dan and surf guide Tom have got dialed too. They keep them close to their chest but will have you there when they’re on.- Check out more

Source: Surf Resort Finder

Author: Luke Gerson / SRF

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